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8 Fishing Baits You’ve Never Thought Of [PICS]

Carla Grzybowski /Flickr

As anglers, we use a lot of things as bait.

Flies, worms, body baits, jigs, minnows...we'll try most anything to get the fish to bite.

But there are probably a few things that you haven't tried. I reached out to my fishing friends and asked, "What's the strangest thing you've used as bait?"

I got some interesting answers (plus one from the resident comedian).

1. Spaghetti

Toy Master /flickr
Toy Master /Flickr

2. Corn

3. Jerky

Dakota Local/flickr
Dakota Local/Flickr

4. Soft Shell Crab
Fish the Surf

5. Chicken Necks
NC Coast

6. Hot Dogs

WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks
WillCFish Fishing Tips and Tricks

7. Bologna

Bonnie Tate Photo

8. Kielbasa

Brad.K /flickr
Brad.K /Flickr

Bonus: Ex-Wife

This is the resident comedian's bait of choice. (Picture not available, not effective bait according to source).


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8 Fishing Baits You’ve Never Thought Of [PICS]