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8 of the Craziest Things Caught By Anglers

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Fishing: The object of the activity is in the name--to catch fish.

Sometimes, however, you get skunked. Or, you catch some of the strangest things imaginable.

I've snagged my share of tree stumps and snapping turtles. Or there was that catfish we caught in the middle of the salmon run in the Muskegon Channel.

I asked around to find out some of the craziest things caught while fishing. Here are six strange catches, plus two that make me shake my head.

Replacement Gear

"We were trolling the Muskegon breakwater, got too shallow, and lost a dipsy and plug. Not long after that, though, we snagged the same combo but different styles on the other line." -Mike P.


Pike with the Craziest Preference in Bait

"This pike decided the bobber was a better option than the bluegill I had waiting for him on the hook." -Jeremy W.

Matt Poe

Three-Day Troll

"I once broke my lead core line with nine colors out on a Wednesday. I was in 100 to 110 feet of water in Lake Michigan about 1.5-miles north of the channel. We went back out Saturday and spotted an inline planer board floating around that same area. I circled the boat and it was gone. I circled again as it had moved and my buddy fished it out of the water. We wrapped the line around my coffee thermos and proceeded to get my planer board, flasher, fly, and fish. It was a large female chinook." -Bob J.

Making Boat By Self
NW Outdoor Writer

Shark...Times 6

"We were in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, and my son caught the same shark about six times when he was four. His uncle would throw it back and it would circle around. Not the brightest animal." -Liz W.

Brag N Release
Brag N Release

The Unexpected Alligator

"Driving through and had an hour to kill, I saw people crabbing on a series on canals near the Gulf Coast in Louisiana. I offered to give them anything I caught if they gave me a line. They pointed me toward a bridge over murky and still water. I dropped the line and started to bring it in when it felt stuck. I looked down and yanked and saw jaws open a few feet below me. It was an eight to 10 foot alligator. I was too amazed to be terrified. They played me. I'm sure I became the punchline to many local jokes." -Scott P.


Blinded by the Hook

"Out in Lake Michigan, we had out a Manistee Wobbler lure. It had one big single hook. Caught an alewife in through one eyeball and out through the other." -Ernie M.


But not everyone who responded had a "serious" story to share, for example:


"The Loch Ness Monster. Sorry, I couldn't get his whole image in one frame." -Wayne M. (I found a stock image for you, Wayne.)

TIBCO Spotfire
TIBCO Spotfire

And finally...


"I got crabs on a fishing trip once. That's what happens when you're using the wrong bobber. Ha! Ha! Ha!" -Don S.

Yep. Some fishermen are just liars and comedians.


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8 of the Craziest Things Caught By Anglers