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8 of the Craziest Bass Fishing Videos on the Web [VIDEO]

Share the excitement and the glory of landing monster bass in these craziest bass-fishing videos on the Web.

There’s so much more to bass fishing than casting, hooking and landing the fish. Bass anglers can relate to the anticipation, the excitement, the thrill of the catch and the disappointment of the escape. In the past, those could only be shared with the fisherman’s tale and possible a photo.

But now we can all share the glory of bass fishing through videos found on the Web. Here are our favorites:

Upper Niagara River Underwater Fishing

Fishing for bass from a boat takes skill. Fishing for bass while underwater is nothing short of amazing.

Sewer Bass Fishing

We’ve heard of alligators in the sewer, but apparently the smelly waterways can be home to bass, as well. Would you eat fish from the sewer?

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Largemouth Bass Strikes… In Slo-mo

You’ve never seen a bass take the bait like this before! This 10-pound largemouth looks almost frightening from an underwater, slow-motion point of view.

One Cast, Two Bass

In every angler’s dream come true, one unbelievable lucky fisherman lands two enormous peacock bass with one cast into Brazil’s Rio Negro.


The truly dedicated angler won’t let something like a little equipment failure prevent him from landing that bass.

Making Memories

Young Joey can’t mask his excitement as he lands his first largemouth bass, but it’s his father who goes berserk!

Now That’s a Monster

You may think you’ve caught a monster bass before, but few can compare with the 19.3-pounder Butch Brown landed in 2008.

Breaking the Record

When it comes to monster bass, it’s not always the weight that’s important, as lure designer Patrick Sebile, who landed a 61-centimeter world-record largemouth in Florida, can attest.

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8 of the Craziest Bass Fishing Videos on the Web [VIDEO]