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8 Outdoorsman-Inspired Tombstone Scenes You Must See

The best everlasting monument to an outdoorsman is their tombstone. These eight designs are some of the coolest. What could you come up with?

Grave markers have been used to commemorate our loved ones for decades upon decades. In recent years, technology has made it possible to etch any scene we want into stone.

With that technology comes the ability to preserve the personality and memories of our loved ones for generations to come.

1. Duck Hunter

Mike’s Laser Etching

Laser-etching with color adds an interesting and beautiful look to our memorials.

2. Log Cabin


Before etching became popular, stone carvers still preserved the life of outdoorsmen.

3. Cabin Scene

Deer and Cabin
Elliot Lake Monuments

This beautiful commemorative scene is very peaceful indeed.

4. Deer and Lake

Deer and Lake
Mike’s Laser Etching

The colors on this stone are spectacular.

5. Deer Hunter

Mike’s Laser Etching

Again, this scenic etching is sight to behold.

6. Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing
Blogical Links

For the elusive angler, even in death.

7. Boat Fishing

boat fishing
Nicholson Monument

Keep your loved ones always on the river, hooked in to a lunker bass.

8. Deer with Full Moon

Full Moon Deer
Richardson Monument

An epic, beautiful moment captured forever on this stone.

No matter what type of outdoor activity we or our loved ones partake in, technology can help preserve those passions even beyond the grave.

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8 Outdoorsman-Inspired Tombstone Scenes You Must See