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8 Creative Coffins Perfect for an Outdoorsman


Here are eight cool ways to be laid to rest in style for any outdoorsman.

You can't take it with you or can you? Sure you can. It just won't be of any use.

No one likes to think about death, but it is inevitable.

However, your funeral should reflect your personality. These are great thoughts for the outdoorsman coffin.

1. Canoe

Image courtesy Phoenix Boat Works

Simplicity at its finest. Perhaps the best part about this coffin is that it can be used both now and later.

2. Fisherman

Image courtesy Angler's Net

A coffin wrap can be done with just about any picture. This one would be great fore the angler. Perhaps with their favorite fishing hole.

3. Angler

Fisherman 2
Image courtesy Media Cache

If the fishing scene isn't for you, try this fishing themed coffin.

4. The Big Fish

fish coffin open casket_BenWigley[1]
Image courtesy Blog Spot
A final one for the anglers among us.

5. Motorboat

Image courtesy Trend Hunter

You may need to dig deeper than 6 feet, but how cool would this be?

6. Elk Hunter

Image courtesy Casket Express

It's not just the fishermen that need a little style, here's a great one for the elk hunters.

7. Deer Hunter

deer and gun
Image courtesy New Jersey Hunter

This has got to be the coolest deer hunter coffin available. It even has deer antlers coming out. Not to mention a rifle sling.

8. Grandpa's Kayak


Image courtesy Duck Duck Gray Duck

Whether Grandpa was actually buried in the kayak or not, this is a pretty cool way to be "laid out."

No matter what your style is these funeral ideas will no doubt fit. The way to be laid to rest can easily be tailored made to you and your loved ones.


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8 Creative Coffins Perfect for an Outdoorsman