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8 Common Deer Hunting Myths, Busted

Check out these deer hunting myths to find out what's fact or fiction.

Have you fallen victim to these myths? We hope you don't believe any of these but you'd better take a look just in case!

1) Rubber Boots Prevent Scent Detection

This myth is probably one of the most common. Rubber boots are a popular item for deer hunters since most believe the rubber keeps the deer from smelling your footprints. The truth is that a deer is far more likely to smell your head or hands than your footprints.

2) Buck Scrapes Improve Hunting

The truth is, buck scrape hunting as a strategy is useless at best. Scrapes carry no information that is useful to skilled hunters. In fact, scrapes have nothing to do with breeding and are used by both genders. Scouting scrapes doesn't mean you'll land a larger buck.

3) Don't Urinate Near Your Stand

Urine naturally attracts other animals. It is a source of information and can even be used to attract deer near your hunting stand in certain circumstances. You might even end up attracting other kinds of wildlife that are curious about this different scent.

Shooting Does is Better Than Shooting Bucks
Image via: Country Oaks Images

4) The Rut Begins When There Is A Full Moon

The moon does not affect deer movement at all actually. In fact, the opposite may be true. Deer tend to seek out more cover during nights with a full moon than a dark night.

5) Bucks Make Rubs To Determine Boundaries

The opposite is true. Does are the gender that mostly holds territories and boundaries, bucks do not limit themselves as much. Bucks travel around the territories to find the best mate. They only fight to determine who gets access to the does.

6) Gender Can Be Determined From Tracks

Dew claws are not a sign of gender difference. Determining gender from tracks is simply a wild guess by an inexperienced hunter.


7) Store Bought Products Can Help Mask Your Appearance and Scent

The truth is that products can help, but they cannot completely cover up your human appearance and smell. Stillness and silence are the best camouflage, and cannot be purchased at your local outdoors store.

8) Rattling Is Only Beneficial During Pre-Rut

Rattling is actually effective any time a deer has antlers. Bucks will fight or rattle as soon as they have hard antlers until those antlers are shed.

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8 Common Deer Hunting Myths, Busted