10 Delicious Venison Soups and Stews to Keep You Warm

It's going to start getting colder, and what better way to stay warm than with a hearty venison soup or stew?

Soup just soothes the soul. Remember those books? It is true: a hot, hearty liquid with some fresh bread is the best way to keep warm and fuzzy inside when the temperature drops.

Soups are generally created with clearer liquids and are a bit lighter with ingredients, while stews are heartier with a lot of goodies in them. You can put stews over a pasta or potatoes because they are thicker than a soup.

Try these venison soups and stews and decide which one to make as the winter comes.

1. Venison Vegetable Soup

Women and Home


2. Scottish Venison Soup

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook


3. Pumpkin Coffee Chili (with venison)

Great Venison Cooking


4. Venison Bourguignon



5. Venison with Spaetzle

Bruce's Pantry

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6. Venison Barley Vegetable Soup

Food and Nutrition


 7. Venison Goulash Soup

Primally Inspired


8. Venison Noodle Soup

Nothin But Crazy Love


9. Excellent Venison Soup (with potatoes)

Recipe Great


10. Venison & Vegetable Chowder with Sweet Garlic Grits

Blackberry Farm


The best part about soups and stews is that you can make a huge pot, fresh, and then freeze the rest to have throughout the winter.

Did I already mention fresh bread? That is also one of my favorite things about soups and stews.

Get slurpin'!

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