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8 Best Outdoor Podcasts [PICS]

Podcasts are a great way to listen to audio shows on specific topics. For outdoorsmen, there are a ton of podcasts to choose from — we’ve narrowed down the best 8 outdoor, hunting, fishing podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Podcast subscribers can listen to a wide array of outdoor shows. Shows can be automatically downloaded from iTunes to computers or mobile phones, or listeners can pick individual episodes. Podcasts are a great way to listen to constructive conversation on topics outdoorsmen care about. Specific issues are discussed with knowledgable show hosts and guests. Podcasts provide a great way to pass the time whether on a long drive or just relaxing at home. There are many podcasts to choose from but we’ve narrowed down the best eight for you!

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1. “MeatEater” with Steven Rinella

“MeatEater” is hosted by well-known sportsman, Steven Rinella. Steve hosts a TV show by the same name and is the author of several books focusing on wild game and hunting. The “MeatEater” podcast airs from locations around the U.S. and regularly features guest experts from diverse outdoor backgrounds. Topics include everything hunting, fishing, and wild game foods with humor, trivia, intense discussion, and more. This is one podcast you’ll definitely want to subscribe to!

2. “Gun Talk”
Gun Talk

“Gun Talk” has been on the airwaves for nearly 20 years and is now available via podcast. Hosted by long-time gun expert and outdoor enthusiast Tom Gresham, “Gun Talk” is a nationally syndicated show enjoyed by thousands of listeners every week. The show is all about safety first, personal responsibility, and of course, guns! Hunting and politics are also frequent discussions and opposing viewpoints are respected and encouraged. For ammo, guns, recreational shooting, competitive shooting, and more, check out “Gun Talk!”

3. The “Orvis Fly Fishing Guide” Podcast

Orvis provides subscribers to their fly fishing podcast weekly tips from host Tom Rosenbauer and esteemed guests. Tom has been involved in many leadership positions with Orvis for over 30 years, has a lifetime of fly fishing enthusiasm and expertise, and is the author of 10 fly fishing books — he knows his stuff! Guests include the Orvis CEO, acclaimed fly designers and rod makers, fishing writers, and more.

4. “Wild Game Hunting”
Wild Game Hunting Podcast

“Wild Game Hunting” is a monthly podcast hosted by Korby Taylor. “Wild Game Hunting” is all about big game hunting with bows, rifles, and more. Interesting hunting stories, survival tips, and more are also featured. This is the podcast for you if you just want one quality hour of hunting content per month.

5. “Anchored” with April Vokey
April Vokey

“Anchored” is hosted by well-known angler and fly fishing guide April Vokey. April’s writing and expertise on fly fishing has been featured in several publications and she is currently writing her first book on the subject. Her podcast airs about every two weeks and features a wide array of guests and influential voices in the fishing world. April travels all over the world to renown fishing locals to host her podcast. This podcast will definitely hook you.

6. “The Itinerant Angler”

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 12.13.02 PM
Itinerant Angler


“The Itinerant Angler” is in its ninth season and is considered one of the most entertaining fishing/outdoors shows on the airwaves. Host Zach Matthews brings a ton of outdoor expertise and wit to the show and guests range from anglers, authors, TV personalities, CEOs, and local guides and artists. Great music can also be heard on “The Itinerant Angler.” Tune in every week for a fun time!

7. “The Edge”
Bass Edge

“The Edge” is all about that bass. Tips, techniques, products, and more are all discussed with top bass anglers in this twice-monthly podcast. Famous anglers such as 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champion Casey Ashley appear on the show and their tips and stories are a must-listen to for every serious bass fishing enthusiast.

8. “Jay Scott Outdoors Western Big Game Hunting and Fishing”
Jay Scott Outdoors

The name is long but the topics are in-depth. This is the podcast for serious discussion on all Western big game hunts and fishing expeditions. Jay Scott is a well-known Western big game hunter and writer. Topics range from wildlife management, western big game species discussion, outfitters, gear, camping, and more. Guests are experts with deep knowledge of the West in relation to hunting and fishing. No matter where you live, don’t miss this podcast!

Whether you’re a veteran podcast subscriber or just discovering podcasts for the first time, be sure to check out these eight podcast for all the hunting/fishing/and outdoor talk you could want!

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8 Best Outdoor Podcasts [PICS]