8 Best Hidden Fishing Spots in America

Ever been to any of the country’s best hidden fishing spots?

There are many secret fishing spots across North America—some come from friends, some from accidental turns while hiking or camping, and some that are known only to the locals of an area. Here are a few spots across the country that the locals wish they could keep secret.

There are surely more hidden spots to list, otherwise they wouldn’t be hidden any longer. If you have a favorite, and are willing to give the spot away, comment below with your best hidden fishing spot.

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Bald Eagle Lake

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The secret with Minnesota’s Bald Eagle Lake is to go here in the winter, for ice fishing. The state keeps this lake well-stocked with walleye and pike.

Here, fish three pounds and up are not uncommon. Also available are crappie, although not as consistently impressive in size as their counterparts.


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Northern California’s biggest secret? Ice fishing! Brown and rainbow trout are available year round, but the best experience here is probably the winter.

For those who never thought it was possible, yes, there’s good ice fishing in California. Maybe even great.

Caspian Lake

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Okay, maybe its not entirely “hidden,” but this Vermont water body has better fishing than some would be led to believe.

Caspian Lake is a great spot for ice fishing especially, where the locals like to catch perch. Plan a trip up to Vermont in the winter months to get the most out of this lake.

Fontenelle Creek

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Out in the middle of nowhere, this spot is hard to find but well worth it. Near Kemmerer, WY, it features brook trout, cutthroat trout, and a handful of other types of fish.

This is a great location for fly fishing especially.

Jerome Lake

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Located in the last great frontier in the US, Alaska’s Lake Jerome is a perfect place for rainbow trout and salmon.

If you make it to our northern-most state, put this spot on your list of places to drop a line.

Lake Alan Henry

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Only local Texas anglers who live in the area seem to know that Lake Alan Henry is a goldmine for bass. This time of year is great, when the water begins to warm and bass start to move after a cold winter.

If a Texas-sized fish is what you’re after in the state where everything’s bigger, this is the place to be.

L-67A and L-35B Canals

Although the bigger name lakes like Okeechobee and Kissimmee are well known by tourists, the real sweet spot in Florida is in the Everglades.

The canals give you a better chance of catching bass in peak season than the major lakes do. Fish here for sport rather than for eating due to the mercury levels.

Halls Creek/Bullfrog Creek (on Lake Powell)

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