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The 8 Best Cooler Brands for Storing all that Venison

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Here are eight of the best cooler brands for putting that hard-won venison on ice this season.

You've spent weeks preparing for your season and gone through the hard work of bagging a deer. Now you need a cooler that is durable enough to withstand some tough field conditions, efficient enough to keep your game cool, and is truly a good investment over the long haul.

Here is a list of the best coolers to help preserve your meat this year, and for many years to come.

1. YETI Tundra 75

YETI coolers are among the most popular and effective coolers on the market these days. The Tundra 75 is large enough to easily hold a quartered deer, but small enough to move around by yourself. Its durable construction and two inches of wall insulation allow you to be in the field longer. And for the preparation phase, its 50-can capacity should keep you refreshed.


2. Igloo Yukon Series Cold Locker

Igloo has been a trusted cooler brand for over 60 years, and the Yukon Series holds up to that legacy. The technology in this Igloo 50-quart cooler keeps temperatures constant for 7 to 14 days, making it ideal for long hunting trips. The rugged grips make it easy to maneuver as well.

Gander Mountain

3. Rubbermaid Marine Cooler

Touted to keep ice for five days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, this cooler should do much better during typical hunting season conditions. This 102-quart marine cooler can hold up to 170 pounds of fish (or venison) along with an additional 30 pounds of ice.

Gander Mountain

4. Grizzly 150 Extreme Outdoor Cooler

The Grizzly 150 is large enough to pack out 122 pounds of meat, and efficient enough to keep it cold for up to two weeks. It is Certified Bear Resistant with two padlocks, and comes in several different colors to suit your backcountry tastes.

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5. Gander Mountain PermaChill Cooler

With a rotomolded design and a dual stainless steel locking plate for security, this 70-liter (18.5 gallon) cooler will keep your venison cool and safe.

Gander Mountain

6. Cabela's Alaskan Guide Cooler

This 60-quart Alaskan Guide cooler sports a double-walled construction that can keep ice for almost 10 days at 80 degrees F. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is very durable.


7. Coleman Optimaxx XP H2O Marine Cooler

Coleman is another trusted brand of outdoor products, and this 200-quart cooler has capacity for 327 cans to keep your party refreshed while you butcher your deer. With reinforced corners and stainless steel hardware, you can be sure it will be up to the most rugged of trips.

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8. Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series

The Canyon Coolers 74-quart version boasts a 16-day ice retention and durable construction. It's large enough to hold plenty of meat and beverages.

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Hopefully this has given you a good shopping list of the best coolers for this deer season and many more to come. Compare the specifications and see what works best for you.

Most of these are an investment, but I promise it is one that should pay off as you transport all that venison.

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The 8 Best Cooler Brands for Storing all that Venison