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8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Hunting Knife Could Do [PICS]

There’s nothing better than a hunting knife, especially a fixed blade.

We’ve all got our favorite hunting knives, but did you know that your knife is good for a lot more than skinning that deer or cutting up your beef jerky?

Check out these cool tricks your knife can do for you:

DIY Tools


You can try splitting a long branch into quarters, shove several small sticks into the crevices, and tie them up with a cord. Now you have a simple and effective 4-point spear for stabbing or snaring fish or small game. Great for survival scenarios.

Bring ‘em on

Defend yourself with more than a stick…more than a knife. Make your own spear! Stick your knife, pommel first, into the end of a big, long stick – kill or be killed, is what I say!

Gimme Shelter

Yes, you can make your own shelter with your knife! It’s fairly simple and effective, assuming you do it correctly. Cut up a bunch of branches, cover with whatever you can use as a makeshift tarp, and you’re set till help arrives!

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Knife stuck into a tree in forest

Use to cut down dead trees and section logs into firewood out of the centers of dead standing trees. Just hold the knife up to the piece of wood you want to cut, pound it a strong piece of wood, and you’ll find it quick and easy for chopping and splitting large logs.

Super Smash Brothers

If you keep your knife in its sheath, you can use the pommel, or the base, as a hammer or destruction device for nails, tent pegs, and other stubborn items.

I’m Batman

Imagine you, the rescuer of the distressed and stranded. An effective, high quality hunting knife can shatter a car’s window, cut a seatbelt, and even cut the thin metal of a truck or car.

Now you’re cooking

Huntsman Has Been Cooking Over A Campfire

You can use your knife to flip your bacon or your burgers, and the tip to cook hot dogs for the kids and s’mores for the little lady. It can also be good for lifting a hot pot or kettle away from the flame without risk to your hands. Just in case you forget your spatula…

C’mon baby, light my fire!

With a simple ferro-rod and a cotton ball soaked with Vaseline, you can start a flame to keep everyone warm and feed ya’ll too…even if it’s raining or you forgot your lighter.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Hunting Knife Could Do [PICS]