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8 Awesome Bucks Already Taken This 2015 Deer Season [PICS]

Deer season has been treating these eight hunters extremely well already.

With lots of preparation and a little luck, some hunters have already wrapped their tags around big whitetail bucks.

As the season progresses, even more great bucks will will be taken but let’s take a look at some giant bucks already harvested this 2015 deer season.

Here are eight great deer from this season.

1. John Odell

deer 1
Drury Outdoors

John Odell shot this giant 201-inch buck in south Texas recently. Early season forecasts were suggesting regions of Texas to produce big bucks, due to the favorable spring.

2. Rod Owen

deer 2
Drury Outdoors

This absolutely huge buck was shot by Rod Ownen in the great state of Missouri. The size of the tines are extremely impressive; it scored in at 208 5/8 inches.

3. Ohio 16-Pointer

shannon outdoor option
The Outdoor Option/ Facebook

Shannon with “The Outdoor Option” shot this great 16-pointer in Ohio on Oct. 11. Talk about a great way to start archery season.

4. Ron Andrews

ron adndrews virginia
Chasing Trophy Whitetails/ Facebook

Ron Andrews shot this great Virginia buck on opening day of the season. I’m going to venture a guess- he had this buck already figured out.

5. Jim Thome

deer 3
Drury Outdoors

Retired baseball star Jim Thome has been enjoying his time off chasing giant Illinois bucks, and he’s pretty good at it too. Thome shot this buck opening day in Fulton County, Illinois and scored in at a whopping 191 inches.

6. New York Minute

deer 6
Quaker Boy/Instagram

Matt Schintel cashed his tag in early with a great 162-inch buck this year.

7. Young Gun Getting it Done

deer 5
Busy Wild/Instagram

It appears someone had a very exciting youth season this year. Take a look at that drop tine! Congrats to this fella!

8. Tiffany Lakoksy

Facebook/Crush TV

Lakosky is no stranger of shooting giant Iowa bucks and this year is no different. On Oct. 11, Tiffany shot this 181-inch mature buck in the great state of Iowa. Last winter she shot a 23-point, 190-inch buck. Needless to say, she’s on a roll.

The 2015 deer season is certainly going to be exciting. This is only the first wave of big bucks for the season.

Send in your own on Instagram by tagging @wospaces. Maybe we will feature your own big buck at the end of the season!

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8 Awesome Bucks Already Taken This 2015 Deer Season [PICS]