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75-Year-Old Woman Chokes Rabid Raccoon to Death in Virginia [PICS]

Primal instincts kicked in when a 75-year-old tai chi master killed a rabid raccoon with her bare hands in Virginia. 

A 75-year-old tai chi instructor named Cas Overton, was walking along on peaceful afternoon stroll near a botanical garden close to her home in Henrico, Virginia when a rabid raccoon tore out of some bamboo and began attacking her leg.

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“I tried to shake it off and realized how violent it was. As I moved backward away from it, I grabbed its neck and I knew that I couldn’t get away from it. If I ran, it would be faster than I would and would just tear me to pieces,” Overton said. “You know, self-preservation kicks in, and I guess a primitive part of my brain just went into operation and that was it.”


Despite calling herself a “terrific animal lover,” she was left with very few options of escape. It was at this point that she decided she was only able to get away once the raccoon stopped moving. Overton said:

So I threw it to the ground and I strangled it — with both hands.

Tests did confirm that the raccoon did have rabies and Overton was treated at a nearby hospital for her wounds and given rabies prevention shots. The path that Overton was walking on when the attack occurred has been temporarily shut down.

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75-Year-Old Woman Chokes Rabid Raccoon to Death in Virginia [PICS]