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Here Are 75 Reasons Being a Prepper is Awesome


Being ready for emergency situations is what being a prepper is all about. Here is why we are so awesome. 

In today’s world everything is an uncertainty. That’s why there are more and more people joining the prepper movement than ever before. Here are 75 reasons why being a prepper has its benefits.

1. Knowing you can handle almost any emergency.

2. Having plenty of food stocked up.

3. Planning skills.

4. Always having ammo on hand.

5. Cool collections of firearms.

6. Getting great at rigging things up on the fly.

7. Being good at finding deals, especially in bulk.

8. Sometimes, you have a cool hidden bunker.

9. A prepper will be your best friend during a zombie apocalypse.

10. Knowledge of urban survival skills.

11. Preppers are often fantastic cooks.

12. Knowing how to handle most basic medical emergencies.

13. Being good at bartering.

14. Having collections of cool gadgets.

15. Preppers are great do-it-yourselfers.

16. You will never be left sitting in the dark.

17. You are strong-willed.

18. Fresh foods from gardens.

19. Self-sufficiency.

20. Security.


21. Your family is well provided for, no matter what.

22. You’re amazing at networking.

23. You know some remote locations to spend time in.

24. Knowledge of wilderness survival skills.

25. BOBs.

26. You are (probably) fantastic at managing money.

27. Off-the-grid living.

28. You never run out of TP.

29. Mind-blowing supply caches.

30. You can break down firearms faster than Forrest Gump during boot camp.

31. Preppers are good at keeping secrets.

32. Riding out most weather-related events in comfort.

33. No cold winter nights if the power goes out.

34. Your friends will be jealous.

35. People think you’re crazy for prepping, and you think they’re crazy for not.

36. No fighting crazy people over bread and milk at the store during a weather crisis.

37. Vehicles can generally go anywhere and do anything.

39. Being skilled in the use of multiple weapons.

40. You always have a stash of beef jerky in your vehicle.


41. Most preppers know some form of self defense (attackers beware!).

42. You stay up-to-date on local, national, and worldwide events.

43. Great situational awareness skills.

44. You thrive where others can’t.

45. Backups of your backups.

46. Aquaponics.

47. You’re fantastic at hiding things.

48. Are all about getting back to basics.

49. Nothing goes to waste.

50. Impressive book collections.

51. Knowing ways in and out of places you’ve never seen before.

52. Applying your skills to everyday life.

53. You are a master of fitting things in plastic storage bins.

54. Preppers know more rice and bean recipes than you knew existed.

55. Pools: water storage you can play in.

56. Preppers are impressive hunters who know how to put meat on the table.

57. You are guaranteed to have livestock of some sort on your property.

58. You never run out of your family’s favorite foods.

59. You know when to ration and when to indulge.

60. If you don’t have the tools to fix something, it can’t be fixed.


61. Duct tape is never on short supply.

62. You know the UPS driver by name, and they always wonder why you get so many packages.

63. Knowing your way around Costco better than the employees.

64. You are loaded up and out of town before most people know there is something to worry about.

65. Having more batteries than Wal-Mart at Christmas time.

66. Loving gold and silver.

67. Having the right insurance policies for everything.

68. Canning food is a yearly family tradition.

69. Having ponds of talapia instead of goldfish.

70. Any prepper owns at least one item that makes you wonder how they really got it.

71. Preppers prep for themselves, but they generally keep a little extra to help those around them.

72. Constantly worrying about the day you’ll actually need all the things you have.

73. You will protect their families and property at all costs.

74. Your pantry looks like a grocery store.

75. You are always prepared.

These are just a few of the reasons being a prepper, or getting into prepping is awesome. Its really easy to do, and everyone should have at least basic preps, like extra food, water, and medical supplies on hand.

Don’t wait for something to happen to worry about it, get prepared now!

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Here Are 75 Reasons Being a Prepper is Awesome