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75% of Fisheries at or Exceeding Maximum Yield

Fishing yield around the globe is being pushed to the limit.

Sustainable yield as it applies to fish, is the amount that can be harvested without reducing the base amount in a particular area. Currently 75% of the worlds fisheries are at or exceeding maximum yield, according to

As time goes on this will greatly impact what we fish for, where we fish for it and how on both personal and commercial levels.

One such heavily taxed area are rivers, lakes and wetlands. Though they make up less that 1% of the earths surface, the provide 8% of the fish. With our population only growing the pressure will continue to increase.

As we put pressure on this resource we will start to see declining catches, but if heavy fishing continues the ecosystem can be irreversibly changed. This brings about two things, a shift in target toward smaller species lower on the food chain and/or a move to a less heavily fished area.

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With most of the worlds fishing areas at maximum yield the places to go are limited, and as population continues to rise the need for fish will rise as well.

This brings forth many questions concerning sustainability that will only be answered by time and the diligent work of scientists and conservationists.

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75% of Fisheries at or Exceeding Maximum Yield