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72-Year-Old Man Fights off 4 Crocodiles with Boat Spark Plugs

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In the face of death, one Australian man fought off a gang of four crocodiles in the North Territory as his friend drowned.

Ray McComber and Noel Ramage were out crabbing in Australia’s North Territory when a gang of saltwater crocodiles decided that they were encroaching upon their territory.

Tragically, a saltwater crocodile nudged their 10-feet boat, called a “very small dingy” by a local fisherman. Mr. Ramage drowned in the process of trying to climb onto the capsized boat, while Mr. McComber began the fight of his life. As Ian Badham, the director of CareFlight, an organization that contributed to McComber’s rescue, said, “Saltwater crocodiles are serious. They’re big animals, powerful animals.”

Mr. McComber navigated the boat to mangrove trees, but soon began battling off the four crocodiles with only his wits. Pulling wrenches and spark plugs from his boat, he beat the crocs back for three hours. McComber didn’t say exactly how many crocodiles there were, but attributed at least four bangings to four different crocodiles.

He was rescued by CareFlight and was found in severe shock, while also suffering from exhaustion and sun exposure. He was admitted to a hospital and has since been released. Mourning the loss of his friend, McComber has stayed out of the limelight though his act of heroism saved his own life.



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72-Year-Old Man Fights off 4 Crocodiles with Boat Spark Plugs