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A 700-Pound Hammerhead Is On the Other End of This Line [VIDEO]

Yes, there's a huge predator fish on the other end of that line. Yes, it's a 700-pound hammerhead.

Maybe you've seen pictures of anglers leaning into their rods and reels to get some leverage against a big fish. Maybe you've seen someone do it on the boat in front of you, or done it yourself.

Odds are you've never seen anyone do it from a beach with a gigantic hammerhead shark doing the fighting.

Leave it to YouTube, and user Land shark, who shares videos of anglers who take their fishing pretty seriously. All catch and release, all ethically and safely done, and all in the effort of true conservationists who care about their sport and its future.

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In this clip Viktor Hluben and a group of anglers reel in the huge hammerhead using circle hooks in fiull consideration of the shark's well-being.

Check out the video, be warned for some slight language, and enjoy the show.

Did you notice the large hook left in the shark's mouth as it was released? For those not in the know, the video's comments section cleared things up; though activists argue leaving a hook that size would threaten the shark's livelihood, it actually is the safer alternative to trying to cut them out when stuck. The saltwater deteriorates the hook.

Great footage and a great catch, but now we simply want a video of a bigger one.

What do you think of the catch, and would you have left the hook in the shark's mouth? 

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A 700-Pound Hammerhead Is On the Other End of This Line [VIDEO]