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700-Pound Black Bear Killed in Washington

700 pound black bear
Yakima Herald

This massive 700 pound black bear was recently killed in Washington. Learn more details about this incredible bear and how it got so big.

An off duty police officer near Tieton, Washington in Yakima County was driving home from work last month when he hit this huge 700-pound black bear with his truck. The bear was so massive that he is afraid that the impact bent the frame of his vehicle.

The massive bruin had been spotted several times over the preceding months feasting on apples and pears from the numerous orchards in the area, which explains how he got so big.

Yakima County road workers were unable to move the carcass of the 700-pound black bear without the assistance of a backhoe. After finally getting it loaded in a trailer, they took it to the local landfill where they weighed the trailer with and without the bear, which is how they calculated the bear’s weight.

According to Captain Rich Mann of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

He was probably good for 12 months of hibernation. He looked like a barrel with four stubby little legs and a head stuck on it.

Unfortunately, local officials were unable to donate any of the bear meat to a food bank because of the risk of trichinosis.

It is unknown where this black bear ranks among the biggest bears ever killed in the state of Washington. The state does not keep records of the weights of bears killed and hunting record books rank bears by the size of their skulls, not their weight.

The heaviest confirmed black bears ever killed in the Continental United States were an 880-pounder in North Carolina and an 876-pounder in Minnesota.

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700-Pound Black Bear Killed in Washington