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Does a 70-Year-Old Full Auto MP 40 Still Shoot Straight? [VIDEO]

MP 40

This old submachine gun still handles like a champ some 70 years after it was made!

The MP 40 is one of the most iconic guns of World War II. They built these things to last; just watch the video and see for yourself.

The MP 40 was developed by the Germans and helped usher in a new kind of firearms in warfare. It is probably the best-known firearm used in World War II. The only other weapon from that war that comes closer in terms of familiarity is probably the American M-1 Garand.

It's funny, I've never actually seen a video of one of these being fired for real. In the movies, the MP 40 is seemingly always portrayed as a beast where the muzzle raises without much control. I had no idea this thing was so smooth to shoot.

It really is like a BB gun. And for being 70 years old? Looks like a joy to shoot. They built things to last back then didn't they?

I always heard Allied Forces would liberate these from fallen German troops when they could, and now I see why.

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Does a 70-Year-Old Full Auto MP 40 Still Shoot Straight? [VIDEO]