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7 Ways to Disappear in the Wilds [PICS]

Guided Turkey Hunting

As outdoorsmen and women we strive to be part of the wild environment we are sharing.

Whether you’re hunting or hiking, fishing or camping, leaving nature as undisturbed as possible is not only important, but often vital to our success and enjoyment.

Here are seven tips to help you disappear into the wilds.

7. Blend in.

Your clothing is your first line of defense against the sharp eyes of nature. Pick a camouflage pattern or color that blends in the best with the surroundings you will be using it in.

Research how well your specific targeted game animal can see. Deer are great at noticing things out of place and patterns.

Think, what does the prey see me as? A tree or a predator?

Mossy Oak

6. Stay quiet.

Sound carries a long way out in the wilds. A human voice is the number one dangerous sound to any game animal. Adhere to strict silence.


5. Walk heel to toe.

Wear footwear that is light enough and can feel the trail. Place the heel down first and then, carefully, the toe.

If you feel a stick or such noise making object underfoot then stop. Re-position foot and continue on carefully.

4. Slow down.

Wildlife sees everything. This is especially true with a moving hunter walking through the woods. Slow down and watch carefully.

Many eyes are upon you at every moment out there.

Guided Turkey Hunting

3. Disturb nothing.

When carefully gliding silently through the woods, do not touch the vegetation. If you push a small sapling out of the way that whole tree and the surrounding vegetation becomes a flag announcing your arrival.

2. Do not smell like a human.

In the modern world we bring the human scent into the woods with us. Our hunting clothes smell like our musty basements and our gloves smell like the gas pump we filled up at earlier.

Our bodies smell like a pleasant fragrant soap. Try to cut the smells.

1. Leave no human flesh uncovered.

A bright uncovered face or hands will alert the whole forest to human intrusion. Conceal face and hands.

Sportsmans Warehouse

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to see more animals while out in the wilds. Be part of the wilderness, not an intruder.

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7 Ways to Disappear in the Wilds [PICS]