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7 Thoughts You Have While Deer Hunting

Deer hunting can be a roller coaster of emotions.

More than likely, these seven thoughts have crossed your mind each day you head out to the stand.

1. “I wish it was this easy to wake up for work.”

early morning work
Pinterest/Tanner Streeter

Sometimes it’s even hard to fall asleep the night before an exciting hunt. This picture speaks volumes, because it’s much easier to wake for a hunt, than work.

2. When you’re not paying attention and hear something:llama stare

Know that panic feeling when you’re not paying attention, and hear something crashing in from behind? Even if it’s just a squirrel, this is exactly how you look.

3. “That has to be a deer. Nope, just a bush.”

We’ve all sat in the stand waiting for daybreak, when you see something moving off in the distance. After staring at intensely for 5 minutes, it turns out just to be bush. Sigh.

4. “The deer will start moving any minute now.”

5. “Where’s your dad at, little fella?”

Little Buck in the Woods
Kitty Kono

Patiently waiting for a mature buck can test anyone’s patience. In fact, most start asking rhetorical questions to the deer standing in front of them.

6. “Hear that? Its has to be deer…”

what you think you hear
Marian Lady Deer Hunter

This might be one of the most notorious thoughts that ever crossed a deer hunter’s mind. If you’ve never been fooled by a noisy squirrel, have you ever really been hunting ?

7. “The rut is finally here!”


The rut only comes once a year, and boy is it magical. All the deer that have been nocturnal for so long finally start to show themselves in daylight. During the rut, the week feels longer just waiting for the weekend to head back out to the woods for the weekend.

What crosses your mind while hunting?


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7 Thoughts You Have While Deer Hunting