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7 Things That Prove ATN’s X-Sight is Not Just Another Night Vision Scope [PICS]

The all-new ATN Corp. X-Sight is more than your typical rifle scope.

Look through an X-Sight from ATN Corp., and you instantly realize it is more capable than just about anything that’s hit the market up until now.

That’s a hefty claim, but when you start reading into the functions, peering through the eyepiece, and getting the full experience, it’s less farfetched than you’d imagine.

Here are seven reasons the X-Sight is going to change the way you look at your rifle scope, and help you bring your hunting and scouting into a whole new arena.

7. Day/Night Versatility

Sure, night vision is great, but plenty of rifle scopes can do that now. What they can’t do is perfect both daylight and pitch black conditions, or at least not as close as the X-Sight has come to perfection.


6. Single Shot Zero

Those minutes spent zeroing in a rifle every time you take it out of its case can literally be scaled down to seconds with the X-Sight’s single shot zero feature. It’s like a dream, one that solves a constant issue with the use of just about any rifle and scope combination.

5. Silky Smooth Zoom

The 5-18x electronic zoom makes the X-Sight one of the easiest scopes to use, and to use accurately.


4. GPS and Geo-Tracking

Seamless location tracking and recording will help in a multitude of ways, including altitude indicators. You’ll be able to see where you and your X-Sight travel, and view it on an interactive map.

3. E-Compass 

Believe it or not, ATN is incorporating a 3D magnetometer sensor, providing the X-Sight user with a constant and reliable indication of which direction they’re looking at.

2. Built-in WiFi

By utilizing ATN Corp.’s Obsidian Core (the mini-computer that operates as the brains of the scope) and the corresponding app, you can control the scope and view live streaming. Connect a phone or tablet to the scope, and it’s not just a regular old scope anymore.


1. Record and Remember

That last point might just be the best. The X-Sight’s biggest difference from a typical rifle scope (or any hunting optic, really) lies in its ability to record crystal clear 1080p video and images, which can then be saved and watched, to entertain the family or to educate the hunter.

In any case, the X-Sight should be on your radar as one of the game changers, and that’s not an exaggeration.


Companies, especially shooting sports and outdoor-based ones, are always pushing to be able to claim they’re representing “the future” of their selective niche.

ATN Corp. is delivering on that claim, and it’s worth it to consider an X-Sight as your next fully-capable, do-it-all rifle scope.

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7 Things That Prove ATN’s X-Sight is Not Just Another Night Vision Scope [PICS]