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7 Things Hunters Should Do Now to Prepare for Fall Deer Season

Do these seven things to prepare your property for fall. 

It’s finally getting nice out and it’s time to start preparing for next fall. Preparation is key for success, especially if you’re dreaming of a successful deer hunt.

Here’s a list of seven things everyone should do to prepare a property for a more successful fall.

1. Scout year round.

scouting year round
Sole Adventure

Keeping tabs on the wildlife movement year round can be essential intel to cracking the code of the big buck you’ve been chasing the last couple seasons. Bucks will begin growing their velvet antlers shortly and knowing what’s in the area is a key factor for fall success.

2. Improve the habitat.

planting foodplot
Jake Hofer

Improving the habitat is an umbrella statement, but it includes a lot of important tactics of improving hunting next fall. So what does it mean to improve the habitat?

Planting food plots, increasing cover in bedding areas, and strategically planting trees are all great ways to improve a hunting property. Although some of these tactics won’t show instant success, it will eventually pay dividends down the road.

3. Thin out the predators.

coyote fawn
Tom Remington

Predators are extremely hard on young animals in the spring. It’s been said that up to 75% of newborn deer fawns are killed by coyotes in their first three days of life. Although coyote breeding season has come to end, it’s still possible to pick off a few predators.

4. Make sure your stands are still secure and safe.

Fall always creeps up faster than anyone suspects. Before you get too busy, make sure your stands are safe and secure for the following season.

Now is a great time to change your stands to that new spot that should produce big. Don’t procrastinate and the fall “you” will thank the spring “you.”

5. Provide minerals and food supplements if it’s legal.


Providing the nutrition for better antlers and healthy animals is a pre-season tactic that is simple but effective. The mineral sites also can serve as focal points for shed hunting and hanging trail cameras.

The knowledge gained from the sites should be one more piece to figure out the puzzle for this fall.

6. Find new property to hunt.

This can be one of the most intimidating, yet rewarding tasks for preparing properties for the fall.

Hunting spots are becoming few and far between, and it’s time to prepare your elevator speech for local property owners.

Politely asking for hunting property usage now could set you up for a successful fall. Just remember to be extremely considerate of property owners and the people who already hunt the property.

7. Utilize trail cameras.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 4.57.43 PM
Jake Hofer

Trail cameras are arguably one of the most important tools for gaining information about a property. In order to improve a property, you’ve got to have a strong understanding of the flow of the land. Trail cams will give a long term view of wildlife patterns of the property. Also having the ability to monitor that new food plot can be rewarding when a big buck is filling it’s belly with a fresh blend of crops.

Bottom line, you’ve got to understand that hunting season is year round. Those who put in the most preparation are the ones who consistently have the most success. So get out there and start making improvements and get ready for sweet success.



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7 Things Hunters Should Do Now to Prepare for Fall Deer Season