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7 Things to Add to Your Oregon Fishing Wish List

Gearing up for an Oregon fishing trip in 2015? Score these items and you’ll be set.


Everybody should get to the great Northwest for some fishing at some point in their life. Specifically in Oregon, a diverse collection of species, water ways and techniques will forever keep an angler occupied. All it takes is the right gear to make the most of an Oregon fishing trip, and we’ve got some help in that regard.

In general, most of these items are universal. Some are more specific to needs or preferences, but they’ll all pay off as part of your angling arsenal when you head out to enjoy Oregon’s fishing opportunities.

Check out our picks for and Oregon fishing wish list.

Redington Voyant Complete 4-Piece Fly Fishing Outfit

The Redington Voyant Outfit is great for Oregon backwaters and angling for just about any species the state has to offer.

Simms Axis Full-Zip Hoodie

Battle chilly Oregon weather with the Simms Axis Full-Zip Hoodie, and you’ll look as good as you feel. You may even fish that good, too.

Daiwa D-Shock 9Xi Spinning Combo

If spinning’s your thing, try the Daiwa D-Shock 9Xi Spinning Combo. It will serve you well, and even comes in a 10-foot length.

Spinning Reel Cover

Protect your rod while moving through the state’s best fishing spots with a Spinning Reel Cover.

Boga Grip

The original Boga Grip will give you more hassle-free way of handling noteworthy catches without harming them. Ideal for those trout and salmon you’ll be reeling in.

Pepper’s Man-O-War Sunglasses

Any fisherman worth his weight in bait knows good polarized shades are a necessity. Check out the Pepper’s Man-O-War Sunglasses, for the few times the sun does come out in Oregon.

Plano® Soft Storage System Lumbar Fishing Pack

Lastly, a Soft Storage System Lumbar Fishing Pack from Plano will keep your gear safe and secure, and be easy to lug around to every corner of Oregon’s fishing haven.

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7 Things to Add to Your Oregon Fishing Wish List