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7 Surefire Ways to Bag a Bigger, Better Deer [PICS]

Want to shoot a bigger, badder deer than your buddies? Check out these simple tips that will be sure to snatch that perfect catch.

We all want a chance to tell the story of bagging the biggest, baddest deer around. As hunters well know, shooting a deer isn’t just about posting up, waiting, and taking home that prize.

From how and where you camp out, to the props you use, to the times of day you hunt, every moment of the kill is based on strategy and methodical consideration. If you’re always trying to learn ways to up your game, check out these seven simple tips and tricks for the avid deer hunter.

1. Check out the corn.

Deer often stand in the corn to feed on beans or alfalfa, which gives you the perfect opportunity to stalk those big ol’ bucks. Put your stand a couple rows deep and when your deer pops up, use the thick corn as cover as you maneuver in for the kill.

2. The sky is the limit.

If you can find where the acorns are going to fall, you are sure to find your deer just waiting for you. Check out the treetops with your binoculars and get ready.


3. Don’t be afraid of the decoy.

Notice how deer behave amongst themselves. Most times, they gravitate toward the first deer in the field or your deer decoy. Now, just sit back and wait!

4. Charcoal Camo

While gloves, masks, and face paint may provide excellent camouflage, they may also cause you to give off an odor from the sweat, especially in the heat. Instead of all these items, just go for the simple charcoal for your hands and face. Plus, it naturally absorbs the odor. Of course…make sure it’s not still hot!

5. ThermaCell

One of the biggest problems hunters have is the mosquitoes, especially this time of year. Make sure you purchase the ThermaCell, which not only gets rid of the pests, but is also good for a deer-scent warmer later in the season: Soak used-up repellent mats in buck lure.


6. A little fertilizer will go a long way. 

If you apply a healthy amount of fertilizer a couple of weeks before season opening, you are sure to spike growth, thereby sweetening the plot! Deer love to eat, and the more food, the more deer.

7. No need for a wakeup call here.

As much as we might think the key is to get out as early as possible, in reality, it’s a lot smarter to stake out the area during the day and come back in the evening hours to get that buck.

Start gearing up for hunting season. It will be here faster than you think!

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7 Surefire Ways to Bag a Bigger, Better Deer [PICS]