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7 Species To Fish In Ohio

Ohio may be one of the many states to bear the brunt of the oppressive midwest winter, but that hardly hurts the state's fishing business. In fact, Ohio offers quality fishing opportunities all year round, whether you are hoping to head out on a fishing boat during the dog days of summer or cut a hole in the ice in the dead of winter. Here's our list of the best species to fish in Ohio:


1. Yellow Perch: Opportunities to catch yellow perch present themselves on numerous occasions throughout the calendar year, thanks to the state's water frontage on the prime yellow perch habitat of Lake Erie. Whether you are an ice fisherman or a summertime angler, make sure to head off to the shores or islands of Lake Erie at least a few times a year. The state allows you to catch a jaw-dropping 30 yellow perch each day on Lake Erie, not an impossible feat considering the substantial schools of fish that permeate the shore.

7-fish-ohio---yellow-perchPhoto via Our Town Sylvania

2. Walleye: One of the most common fish species in Ohio, walleye fishing is in prime form numerous times throughout the calendar year. Anglers typically target walleye as they migrate back and forth down rivers and streams in the spring and fall

7-fish-ohio---walleyePhoto via

3. Rainbow Trout: The trout "season" is a fleeting opportunity in Ohio, but it's also one that no angler in the state should miss. Every November, the Columbus Recreation & Parks Department stocks the lake at Antrim Park with sizable rainbow trout. The lake allows for no boats, so you will do your fishing elbow-to-elbow with other anglers on the shore, but with the number of trout out there for the taking, you should all be able to go home happy.

7-fish-ohio---rainbow-troutPhoto via Steel Valley Outdoors

4. Largemouth Bass: No respectable fishing state is complete without an opportunity to land a few largemouth bass. Ohio offers that chance toward the end of summer or the beginning of fall at Hammertown Lake, located in the southeastern quadrant of the state.

 7-fish-ohio---large-bassPhoto via Fishing Fury

5. Channel Catfish: Alongside yellow perch and walleye, channel catfish are one of the most common catches in the state of Ohio and one of the fish species that anglers can more or less fish for all year round. Whether the target moment is during post-winter feeding, early spring spawning, or the restless months of summer, channel cats often represent an easy and fun fishing experience all over the state of Ohio.

7-fish-ohio---channel-catfishPhoto via ESB Fishing

6. Bluegills: If you are looking for prime ice fishing in Ohio, look no further than the famous bluegill fishing that flourishes in Indian Lake early in the year. As far as winter fishing is concerned, scoring a few of Indian Lake's bluegills should be one of the first things on your "New Year's Resolutions" list.

7-fish-ohio---bluegill1Photo via Big Bluegill

7. Saugeyes: Ohio is known as the buckeye state, but as winter winds down toward the end of February, it might as well be called the saugeye state. Fishermen from around the state flock to Fairfield County's sprawling Buckeye Lake to get one of the last great ice fishing opportunities of the season (and to take home some great catches as well).

7-fish-ohio---SaugeyesPhoto via Ohio Game Fishing

Featured image via ESB Fishing

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7 Species To Fish In Ohio