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7 Smart Ways to Prevent Boat Theft

Your boat is your pride and joy. Here are seven easy ways to prevent boat theft.

Unfortunately thieves are always looking for nice things to take for themselves. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of being a victim of boat theft.

"The Boot"

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You've seen these on cars whose drivers didn't pay their parking meters. Why not get one for your boat trailer? if you can't find the exact one to buy, wrapping a cable through your tire and to a fixed object may work. If nothing else, it may prevent someone from even trying.

Trailer Locks

boat theft, thieves, security, boats

There are many of these on the market. They can lock your trailer coupler or the trailer ball itself. Trailer locks are a cheap investment to protect your pride and joy from boat theft.


This may sound obvious, but a boat stored behind a locked fence is much more of a challenge to thieves. A locked garage or obstacle between the boat and open road will also help deter those who want to steal your boat.

Lower Your Engine and Remove Your Battery Connection

This is a simple way to make it harder on a would-be boat thief. Lowering your outboard engine and disconnecting the battery will make it very hard for them to take your boat.

Secure Your Prop

boat theft, thieves, security, boats

Props are expensive and many thieves may just want the prop. Adding a prop lock will help keep your propeller secure.

Boat Alarms

boat theft, thieves, security, boats

There are several of these on the market and they work just like a car alarm. They have a key fob to set the alarm and will go off when the boat is rocked. The added pice of mind is great when you are worried about protecting yourself from boat theft.


boat theft, thieves, security, boats

Sometimes all the thieves want is what is inside of your boat. Rods, reels and tackle are expensive. If possible, sometimes the best way to prevent theft of these items is to keep them out of the boat. If that is not an option, invest in a system like the Lock-R-Bar. It is secure and relatively inexpensive compared to replacing your collection of gear.

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7 Smart Ways to Prevent Boat Theft