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7 Simple Survival Hacks to Commit to Memory

With all of the survival hacks circulating the Internet, how is it possible to remember all of them? You don't have to with these 7 simple survival hacks.

In short, it's not. So how do you wade through them? Well, you pick the most versatile, simple survival hacks and using some ingenuity, you can adapt them to fit any situation.

These seven super simple survival hacks cover everything from DIY fishing to mosquito prevention.

The coffee can stove and emergency candle hacks both seem incredibly useful and really do fit a wide array of situations, from being stranded in a mountain cabin during a blizzard to surviving a camping mishap.

As always, we hope you'll never need to use these seven simple survival hacks, but just in case, at least you can say you know them. Also, these facts make great pub trivia ammunition.

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7 Simple Survival Hacks to Commit to Memory