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7 Saltwater Fishing Blogs to Add to Your Reading List

These saltwater fishing blogs are must-reads for the avid ocean angler.


We're finally seeing some glimmers of warmth throughout the country this week, which means that the spring thaw isn't far away. Simply the thought of winter ending has us excited. As much as we enjoy ice fishing, there comes a point when you don't want to freeze your butt off on an icy lake anymore!

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Luckily, the spring thaw provides assurance that months of gorgeous outdoor activities are in front of us. If what you are most looking forward to is saltwater fishing - whether in the flats or out on a chartered boat - you're certainly not alone.

Just make sure you're reading these seven blogs to get pumped up and prepared for the forthcoming season.

View the slideshow to see the recommended blogs, and add any we might have missed in the comments below.

1. Saltwater Edge 

Photo via Saltwater Edge

Like most of the saltwater fishing blogs out there, the Saltwater Edge blog went on a hiatus after the holiday season.

However, as one of the most dependable retailers out there for saltwater fishing gear, we have no doubt that Saltwater Edge will be back to churning out regular high-quality content as soon as the winter lifts. In the meantime, you can look back at their huge backlog of gear reviews and buying guides, and "tips and tactics" articles, or regular saltwater fishing reports for some inspiration for the upcoming season.

An easy to read layout and a slew of beautiful photos make Saltwater Edge one of the easiest saltwater fishing resources in the blogosphere to navigate. You can even join up with their email list to get updates from the blog.

2. For Shore Fishing

Photo via For Shore Fishing

We probably would have included For Shore Fishing on this list for its clever title alone. Luckily, this blog has the content to back up its promising name.

Blog manager Michael Wilson has made a point of keeping the blog updated frequently throughout the winter, even though most people haven't gotten a chance to do much saltwater fishing lately. He's kept the Florida fishing reports coming - so much that he is posting between one and three times a day - but has them interspersed with fishing news stories (both humorous and serious), and the intermittent tips or tricks article.

Though great, we think the blog could benefit from an aesthetic makeover and layout revamp. For instance, even though Wilson touts himself first and foremost as a photographer, none of his photos show up in the blog feed. Instead, you have to click on each individual blog to see his pictures, which greatly hampers the visual effectiveness of the blog. However, for a blog so full of passion and prolific content, we're willing to forgive the out-of-date appearance of For Shore Fishing.

3. Florida Sportsman

Speaking of Florida, there's no doubt that saltwater anglers in that state have a leg up on the rest of us when it comes to great blog content. Just as For Shore Fishing spends most of its time posting fishing reports for Florida anglers, Florida Sportsman is (obviously) a blog meant for anglers in the sunshine state.

Boasting more of a natural website layout than a typical blog interface, Florida Sportsman is nonetheless a goldmine of frequent content updates. Articles are split helpfully into a number of different categories (including "Inshore," "Offshore," "Boating," "Paddle Craft," "Fly Fishing," and more), making Florida Sportsman one of the easiest saltwater fishing blogs on the web to navigate. (In case you were wondering, yes, the Florida Sportsman website/blog is an extension of the magazine of the same name.)

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4. Jersey Shore Fishing

The Jersey Shore Fishing blog is contained within, which is an aggregate site for a huge amount of New Jersey news stories.

However, blogger Al Ristori has long been using as a place to host his fantastic Jersey-oriented fishing blog, Jersey Shore Fishing. Ristori never slacks on content - not even during the winter months - and keeps up to date with weekly fishing columns, regular news stories discussing the local fishing scene (with information pertaining to both commercial fishermen and hobbyist anglers), and more. For East Coast saltwater fanatics, the Jersey Shore Fishing blog should absolutely be a fixture on the favorites bar.

5.Flats Walker

Photo via Flats Walker

It wouldn't be a list of saltwater fishing blogs without at least one entry that focused specifically on flats fishermen.

Flats Walker is our choice fishing blog for flat fishing fanatics, even though it doesn't focus specifically on flats fishing. On the contrary, the mastermind behind Flats Walker, Devan Ebanks, is an all-over-the-place kind of guy - sometimes literally. Flats Walker frequently turns into a haven for Ebanks' travel log journalism, providing a place for him to illustrate long, detailed, and involved stories about his experience fishing in different locales.

Ebanks is first and foremost a bonefish enthusiast, but his musings are worth reading no matter what your fishing preferences.

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6. Saltwater Kayak Fisherman

Photo via Saltwater Kayak Fisherman

Another saltwater fishing blog that is worth reading whether or not you belong to the niche it caters to, Saltwater Kayak Fisherman is - like Flats Walker - a great place to read interesting and well-told stories about someone else's fishing adventures.

Run by Ron Appleby-Goudberg, Saltwater Kayak Fisherman is part personal fishing journal, part photo essay (arguably the site's biggest draw are its stunning photographs), and part gear review hub. For aspiring kayak anglers, Saltwater Kayak Fisherman is the perfect place to go, as it offers reviews and tips for how to turn a kayak into a veritable fishing vessel.

7. Saltwater Sportsman

We love Saltwater Sportsman for their frequent list-based articles, from more straightforward discussions (best fishing knows, best fishing boats, etc.) to more creative posts (their fascinating and informative list of the "Top 30 Fishing Secrets").

Beyond the list articles, Saltwater Sportsman offers videos, contests, and four separate blogs from its prime contributors. With that said though, there's no doubt that the main draw of the site is the content built from full staff collaboration. (Like Florida Sportsman, Saltwater Sportsman is a magazine that is slowly turning more to the blogosphere for readership.)

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