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7 Rules for Hunting Your Wife Will Love

May it be a law, gentlemen's agreement, or an unwritten rule, these rules for hunting will have your wife happy when the season arrives.

"It's not a passion, it's an obsession."

I'm sure you have heard that before somewhere, right? That is the motto coined by the camouflage brand Mossy Oak. The term describes most hunters in terms of how they feel about hunting.

It is much more than a passion, it is something that can take over your mind. But what happens when we become obsessed so much it affects our home life and family?

That's why most families and spouses can appreciate some of the rules for hunting that help keep their hunter mommy or daddy in check.

1. You must remain quiet while hunting.


Rule number one has most wives happy come hunting season. It's finally that time of the year where there is peace and quiet around the house. That includes phone calls, texts and anything else that can keep your husband's mouth quiet.

Want to know a surefire way to win an argument with your husband, ladies? Start the conversation just before he heads into his treestand and the conversation may just end quickly and in your favor.

2. Hunting times are sunrise to sunset.

Is it during the weekend that you just want the house to yourself to relax, grab some hot apple cider and maybe catch up on some television shows? Your husband has been working hard to get a nice deer the past few years and claims this year will be the one. So you let him head out before you wake up and have him back in time to go to bed.

This is a smart way to have the house all to yourself all weekend long.

3. It's illegal to hunt at night.

Unlike some husbands who may be die hard sport fans, hunters aren't out much after dark. The obsession and passion for sports can have you out at your buddies house late into the night catching a game or worse, out to the bar. For any man who may be having trust issues within their relationship, the last place you may want to be is out at a bar enjoying your passion. That is why having it illegal to hunt at night makes sure your man is home at a decent hour and many times before dinner to spend the evening with him.

4. Youth season starts the season early.

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For any place that has a youth hunting season, that usually occurs just before the regular season begins. The plus side for Moms who could use a break from her husband and children, youths can hunt with Dad all year long. That just might be something worth looking forward to come hunting season if your husband decides to share the passion with your children. Wanted a girls night out? The kids and your husband are hunting in the morning so they are going to bed early, so go enjoy yourself without having to hire a babysitter.

5. Hunting season ends by Christmas.

For many states, deer hunting season is usually over just before Christmas. This is right around the time you may start to miss your husband just a little bit and want to start spending some more time with him than you had originally thought. As the season ends the family becomes close again just in time for the holidays and you're reminded just how much you enjoyed your break but glad to see him home.

6. Venison taste delicious.

This may not be a rule, but legally to be able to harvest a whitetail deer means you can fill your freezer with some meat. That meat in the freezer saves you money at the grocery store, but also is an extremely healthy alternative to beef and other meats. If you want organic, deer hunting is about as organic as it can get.

7. You can't hunt on Sundays.

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For some states, there is no hunting on Sundays. For the husband who spends all of his time hunting, Sundays he should be home for some family time. If you want him home, here is a good rule to have in your state. However, if you still need that break, you can always tell him that it's a great day for scouting. He will think as though you are doing him the favor.

Every family is different and every hunting season varies for families across the world. There is no doubt that some of the strongest and loving families come from those with a hunting background. Families that hunt together have great enjoyments and stronger ties. Spending time together is what life is all about and this list was designed to just make you laugh. For actual laws or rules for hunting, be sure to contact your local Department of Conservation.

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7 Rules for Hunting Your Wife Will Love