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7 Reasons to Not Be Sad Deer Season is Over

deer stand

You may be depressed or bored but here are 7 reasons you shouldn't be sad deer season is over.

Deer season is over and many hunters are feeling the winter blues. Some call the feeling "deerpression."

Typical symptoms can include refusal to come inside until dark, overly excited about rustling leaves, unsure what to do with all the extra time, and feeling helpless for the next seven months.

But don't despair, here are some reasons to keep your head up.

1. Turkey season is right around the corner.

With ample turkey populations across the nation, many hunters can enjoy the thrill of hunting turkeys in the spring. Nothing gets the heart thumping like a long beard gobbling and strutting in the decoys. With snow on the ground, it should be easier to locate the birds for longer this year and get an idea of where they are spending most of their time.

2. Shed hunting.

Couldn't seal the deal on that big buck this season? Now is the time to go look for his sheds. Shed hunting is a great way to take inventory on your herd and hopefully find some bone. If you are willing to part with some antlers you find, they may bring a good amount of money to the right buyer.

shed hunting2


3. Deer are in the freezer.

Hopefully this season, you were able to get some venison in the freezer. I am getting hungry thinking about the deer jerky, salami, and steaks. What's a better way to ward of the winter blues than a bowl of deer chili?

4. Show Season.

These winter weekends can now be spent at outdoor shows. Some of the major shows have already taken place, but there are still plenty of great shows. The Midwest still can look forward to Deer and Turkey Classics in their respected states. Go check out some new gear and admire some great bucks in the contests.

5. Predator Hunting

Predator hunting can be a good way to get coyotes or hogs under control. Got a new shiny rifle for Christmas or plan on buying one with a tax return? Break it in with style while shooting some coyotes. Getting predators under control will make for a better season next year.

predator hunting

6. Prepare for next year.

For many serious hunters, deer season never ends. Now is as good a time as ever to start preparing for next year. Whether it's trimming new trails or moving around stands, it doesn't hurt to get a early jump. Put the work in now to harvest the success this coming fall.

7. Go to the range and test out new bows.

The past couple of months the archery industry has made some huge announcements and there are plenty of cutting-edge bows to try. Eva Shockey has announced her line with Bowtech. Also making waves, the Mathews No Cam has received a lot of hype. If you aren't dying to shoot the newest bows, purchasing last year's model could save a substantial amount of cash.

Hopefully these few ideas will help you battle deerpression. There are certainly many outdoor activities to pass the time until hunting season comes around again.

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7 Reasons to Not Be Sad Deer Season is Over