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7 Reasons Why Most Hunting Shows Suck [PICS]


Watching outdoor television for more than a half an hour can be challenging.

First off, I love hunting and I do not want to come off cynical what-so-ever, but if you watch hunting shows, you'll likely relate to why I think they suck.

Not all hunting shows are a disaster, but there are certainly more bad shows on networks than there are good ones.

Here are seven reasons why most hunting shows suck.

1. The show feels like an on-going infomercial.

I understand sponsors pay the bills, but some of the product placements are almost comical. With the competitiveness of the outdoor industry, a subtle approach to pushing products might be more efficient. The viewer won't be irritated and will likely trust the opinion of the show more if they don't promote the product so forcefully.

2. Everyone takes themselves too serious.

As soon as a few sponsors roll in and a show gets airtime, they become the next Jackie Bushman or Drury brother. Viewers like to relate with hosts of the show, and acting like a know-it-all is cringeworthy. Stay grounded folks.

What's Next?

3. Flinging arrows and bullets.

While the constant need to get a harvests on film is certainly difficult, taking highly risky shots aren't impressing the viewers. Plus, some would argue that that behavior encourages others to take less ethical shots on animals. Stay true; aim small, miss small. When bowhunting, deer can move a lot from the time the arrow leaves the bow.

4. It feels like you're watching a documentary in science class.

Learning from watching hunting shows is very valuable to everyone, but watching birds flutter and squirrels in a tree gets boring fast. Camera equipment has come a long way and what they capture is truly amazing. However, watching a minute of B-roll every few minutes becomes a snore fest. Watching sunsets and time-lapses of  driving down a road are not very entertaining to the viewer.

reason hunting shows suck
Turkey Hunting Secrets

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5. It's all about the bone.

Most hunters hunt to fill the freezer or to enjoy the camaraderie with other hunters. Its too often that hunting shows pin deer with set-in-stone ages and it comes down to inches on the head of the deer. In the real hunting world, hunters can't harvest a 170-inch brute of a buck every year. There is nothing wrong with shooting an average mature buck. Heck, it really comes down to getting venison in the freezer. Setting unreal standards for the everyday hunter creates social stigma.

buck commander
Buck Commander


6. A shred fest of heavy metal music.

It's annoying when the hunt is overloaded with crappy music that doesn't match the hunt. Purchasing rights for songs can be expensive, but audio of the show is just as important as the cinematography.

7. "I smoked him."

We've all seen it, a less-than-marginal shot on a buck and the show sells it as an awesome shot. Getting caught up in the moment is one thing, but lying and saying it was an awesome shot is embarrassing.

Pike Pond Cabins


Hunting shows put a ton of work and effort into producing their shows, but these seven characteristics make viewers change the channel or scratch their head. I'm not an expert on outdoor televisions by all means, but I know that many viewers feel the same.

There are still awesome hunting shows on outdoor networks and other sources, but there are a slew of crappy hunting shows on television too.

I'm a huge advocate for hunters supporting other hunters, but in order to improve the hunting community these things should be fixed in hunting TV shows.

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7 Reasons Why Most Hunting Shows Suck [PICS]