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7 Outstanding Hunting Podcasts

Hunting podcasts are bringing great info straight to your ears.

5. The Bowhunter’s Journal

We all love to watch hunting-oriented TV shows and web series, or read hunting related books, magazines, or blogs. With all of this hunting-related material to keep us busy and engaged during the off-season, it’s easy to forget about podcasts and all of the great content they can offer on their own.

Keeping that thought in mind, we decided to compile a list of our favoring hunting podcasts. Listen to these in your workshop when you are cleaning or repairing firearms, or simply put one on the car to keep you entertained and interested during your commute to work. Either way, these podcast offer great hunting content while still giving you the freedom to multitask.

View the slideshow to see our picks for the best hunting podcasts, and leave your own in the comments.

1. Ripple Outdoors Podcast

It’s hardly surprising that Peter Wood from would put together a stellar outdoor sporting podcast, and this is that podcast.

The program is one of the most versatile podcasts on this list, not just because it focuses on both hunting and fishing, but also because Wood consistently brings in interesting guests and talks about different topics. Since December, Wood has spoken with the CEOs from Shoot Like a Girl and the Live 2 Hunt RV show, checked out the Toronto Sportsman Show and the OFAH Seminar, and covered everything from the QDMA Whitetail Summit to the system for drawing a moose hunting tag.

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Quite simply, Wood is a guy with his finger on the pulse of the hunting community, and this podcast is absolutely worth listening to if you want the latest industry updates in audio fashion.

2. GunDudes

This fantastic podcast has been running since 2008 and keeping up a weekly publication schedule for the majority of that time. That consistency and longevity means that there’s a huge backlog to check out if you’re interested (there are currently 300 episodes of the podcast on iTunes), but that new episodes come out on a regular basis as well.

As the iTunes description states, the guys behind GunDudes like to talk guns, news, and politics, and have fun in the process. The resulting episodes are both funny and informative, ranging from chats with special guests to detailed reviews of recent firearm release.

3. Wild Game Hunting Podcast

Since the Wild Game Hunting Podcast first got started in 2010, host Korby Taylor has become one of our favorite podcast personalities on the strength of his hunting tips, stories, and lessons.

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Taylor is especially fond of spring turkey hunting, but don’t worry if your interests fall outside of gobblers: the Wild Game Hunting Podcast really does run a range of topics, and from whitetail season updates to predator hunting tips, there’s plenty to be learned from this program.

4. The Orvis Double Barrel Podcast

Orvis is one of the finest hunting, fishing, and outdoor retailers out there, and the company’s podcast is high-quality stuff – even if it doesn’t see the frequency of updates that we would really like.

Hosted by Bruce Bowen and Brett Ference (key Orvis staff members, the former as Head Shotgun Instructor and the latter as Product Developer), the Orvis Double Barrel Podcast seeks to impart wisdom on shooting and gun training. In addition to gun tips, this podcast occasionally invites guests onboard to talk about other topics, from spring turkey hunting strategies to tips for taking care of your hunting dog. You never quite know what you’re going to get from this one, and that fact alone makes it worth a subscription.

5. The Bowhunter’s Journal

While this podcast is nowhere near as prolific as some of the entries on this list (looking at you, GunDudes), The Bowhunter’s Journal is nevertheless worth following when hunting season rolls around each year.

Started in April of 2012, The Bowhunter’s Journal kept pretty consistent episodes coming during that year. 2013 saw a considerable drop in quantity, with only four episodes published between September and November. We don’t know whether or not host Wayne Libonatti will be back for the 2014 hunting season, but it’s worth keeping an eye on this podcast just in case.

While Libonatti is a bowhunter first and foremost, some of his 2012 episodes delved into other topics entirely, including hiking, gardening and food plot management, and even BBQ tips.

6. Foremost Hunting

Like The Bowhunter’s Journal, Foremost Hunting has fallen off a bit recently as far as consistency of content is concerned, but throughout 2013, from its first episode in February and well into the summer months, Foremost Hunting was, well, arguably the foremost hunting podcast.

Inexplicably, the podcast essentially skipped the hunting season, only coming back for an episode about hunter fitness in January 2014. Still, even if the program never comes back in full force, the backlog is well worth checking out. Each episode focuses on one valuable hunting lesson, from tips for buying a scope to managing doe to buck ratios on your property.

7. The Wired to Hunt Podcast

We’ve already listed Wired to Hunt as one of our favorite hunting blogs, and now we are happy to include their brand new podcast here. Since it just launched at the end of March, the podcast doesn’t have much of a backlog yet, but considering how prolific W2H founder Mark Kenyon has proven as a blogger, we have little doubt that he’ll keep to the weekly podcast schedule he’s laid out for himself.

Dan Johnson, who has made a name for himself in the hunting community with work for White Knuckle Productions and Whitetails Inc, will join Kenyon on the podcast. Already, the two have covered shed hunting, entrance and exit routes, buck fever, and filming your own hunts, and we have no reason to believe that they won’t continue to bring excellent deer hunting news, tips, and strategies for the foreseeable future.

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