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7 Instances of Good Guys and Guns Saving the Day

Take a look at these 7 times guns saved the day.

Firearms are a controversial topic in today’s society. With an upcoming presentational election and more public spotlight than ever, guns are hot topic. With all the negative perception of firearms, let’s take a look at seven times guns saved the day.

1. Complication of good people and guns saving the day

This long complication of various videos and news stories set the tone for the importance of proper gun control and use.

2. Man saves women from robbers at the grocery store

This video took place on January 30, 2012 in Milwaukee at a grocery store.

3. Elderly man saves the day at an Internet cafe

These two robbers were quickly left the scene of the crime after a 71-year-old opens fire.

4. Clerk shoots robbers in store

This clerk had to do something, no one wants to do and open fire on an armed robber.

5. Guy in boxers scares off three armed robbers

This video captures the difference a gun can make. These three robbers quickly changed their plans after being confronted with a gun.

6. Another complication of armed individuals saving the day

Check out this eight minute video of various news stories and surveillance footage of guns saving the day.

7. AR-15 protects college students from potential armed robbery

These seven videos show the importance of proper gun ownership and how they can certainly save lives in situations.

Some of the details of these videos were lacking, but overall it appears the right thing happened. Guns can save the day and these videos are proof.



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7 Instances of Good Guys and Guns Saving the Day