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7 of the Largest, Most Notable Bass Caught So Far in 2016


These are some of the largest and most notable bass caught so far in 2016. 

We may be hitting the mid-point of the year, but the big bass catches just keep coming here in 2016. Here are some of the largest and most notable bass caught so far this year that you may have missed.

1. Rhode Island State Record

Warwick Beacon

Connecticut resident Brandon Migliore has been trying to catch a state record largemouth in Rhode Island for the last 15 years. In early May, he finally succeeded, catching a 11.2-pound largemouth that, if certified, will break Rhode Island's record that has stood for the last 25 years.

They tried to keep the fish alive through the weigh-in process. Unfortunately it died in the process. Migliore caught his massive bass on a jitterbug.

2. Delaware State Record


The First State's largemouth bass record has stood for only four years now before being broken again back in February. AJ Klein pulled a massive 11-pound, 10-ounce largemouth out of Wagamons Pondnear Milton on February 20.

The record could potentially be broken again in the near-future. Klein released this lunker to fight another day.

3. South Dakota Record Smallmouth

WOS via YT

This one is really cool because the entire catch was caught on video and put online for everyone to see. Lyal Held pulled this 7-pound, 3-ounce smallie out of Horseshoe Lake.

Much like Migliore and the Rhode Island record largemouth, Heid and his buddies spent years trying to break the record and finally had their time and effort pay off in a really big way!

4. Montana Smallmouth Record


Another monster smallmouth came out of Montana's Flathead Lake back in mid-May. Jacob Fowler is normally a trout guy, but decided to give smallmouth fishing a try.

No doubt he's glad he did, because he ended up smashing Montana's smallmouth record with a 7.4-pound lunker, easily breaking the old record of 6.7. Even though Fowler is heading to China to pursue his male modeling career, he's still not giving up the secret spot on Flathead Lake where he caught this monster. Can't say we blame him.

5. World Record Spotted Bass


This one made quite a few ripples because the capture was also caught on film. Paul Bailey landed an 11-pound spot in California. There's actually a heck of story to go with this one as it took almost nine hours before a set of certified scales could be found and the fish properly documented and weighed.

Be sure to read Brad Smith's story from January for more details on this potential world record.

6. Near-Record Idaho Smallie

12920271_851378668324615_7589149284421034482_n (1)

There actually hasn't been a whole lot of details beyond the photos of this massive smallie allegedly caught in Idaho's Dworshack Reservoir by Quinten Kelly. But the rumor is it weighed 9.5 pounds, which would mean it just missed the state record of 9.72 pounds.

It actually wouldn't be too surprising considering the state record also came from Dworshack Reservoir. Rumor is, this fish was released back to fight another day.

7. Texas Spotted Bass Record

Item Online

Back in January, Texas saw its spotted bass record broken for the second time in five years. It was surprising news. Especially since the last time the record was broken, it topped a record that stood since the 1960s.

Josh Helmstetler caught his 5.98-pound spot on Lake Alan Henry back on a cold early January day while competing in a tournament. No word on how he did, but a new state record had to help!

As you can see, quite a few very nice bass have already been taken this year. It may be getting near the dog days of summer right now, but hopefully this inspires you to head out and hit the lake. You just never know when a monster is going to strike!


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7 of the Largest, Most Notable Bass Caught So Far in 2016