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7 North American Game Animals You Didn’t Know You Could Hunt [PICS]

Check out these North American game animals you probably didn’t know could be hunted.

Virginia Rail

From coast to coast, there is all kinds of hunting to be had that will provide a feast for the table.

These pictures are sure to show some tasty game you never knew were open. As always, check with local hunting laws and regulations to be sure of seasons and bag limits.

View the slideshow to see some unique hunting opportunities.

1. Emperor Goose

Emperor Goose


These majestic birds can be found in Alaska and Aleutian Islands.

2. Band-Tailed Pigeon

Band-Tailed Pigeon


Band-tailed pigeon taste great roasted.

3. Javelina



Also called the skunk pig, javelina weigh around 50-60 pounds.

4. Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule


Purple gallinule can be found along the eastern United States.

5. American Bison

American Bison


The American bison is one of North America’s largest plains animals.

6. Chachalaca



These game birds are popular in Texas.

7. Virginia Rail

Virginia Rail


These wary birds love to run and hide instead of flush.

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7 North American Game Animals You Didn’t Know You Could Hunt [PICS]