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7 New Tents to Try on Your 2016 Camping Trips

Big Agnes

If your old tent is worn out, check out these new tents for the 2016 camping season. 

Warmer weather is almost here and with that will bring campers out of their winter slumbers. Backpackers will blaze their way down trails and families will pack their tents for weekend getaways at their favorite campgrounds.

No matter whether you are flying solo or with a group, this year has a number of great tents that are hitting the market for 2016. Here are seven you should definitely look into if you are in the market.


If you are looking for something for ultralight backpacking or a simple overnight stay then these tents are for you.

Apollo 3P BikePacking Tent


This simple tarp shelter defines minimalist camping. The tarp sets up into a 98-inch wide and 58-inch tall shelter, weighing in at almost 2-pounds. The setup comes with a stuff sack, guy-out cord, stakes, a adjustable aluminum tarp pole, and a repair kit for $249.95.


Blue Ridge Camping Hammock


There are few things more relaxing in this world than the gentle rocking of a hammock. This hammock tent is perfect when camping in areas without level ground or other hard terrain. Weighing in at only 4.25 pounds, it is still a lightweight option for up to two people while still remaining affordable at only $169.99.


When going on multi-day hiking trips something that is lightweight and able to stand up to the elements is a must. These new tents definitely fit that category.

Big Agnes Krumholtz UL2 mtnGlo


Not only is the Krumholtz extremely light at 2lbs, 15oz, it has the added features of built in solar panels. When night falls, simply click a button to kick on ambient lighting or turn on a small fan for those hot summer nights. It runs for $649.95.

MSR Freelite 2 Ultralight Backpacking Tent


If you decide to bring a friend along for a trip you no longer have to add to your weight with a bigger tent with the Freelite 2. You won't find many comfortable 2 person tents that weight in at less than 3 pounds. The freestanding frame allows for fast setups and quick pack ups for $439.95

Hot & Cold Extremes:

If you are camping in areas that border blistering hot or freezing cold conditions then correct tent selection is a must for a comfortable trip.

Mountain Hardware Optic VUE 2.5 Tent


The Optic VUE is perfect for hotter climates by offering dual mesh canopy doors for plenty of air flow. They also offer up the added benefit of allowing you to take in everything around you while still protecting you from dusty or sandy conditions. It has plenty of room for all your gear plus two people for $270.00.

Fjall Raven Keb Endurance 4


This extremely tough tent was built to handle the worst conditions from both ends of the spectrum with TripleRip nylon fabric. It was specially designed for use in cold weather with larger tent zips for getting inside with gloves on and special reflective materials to make your way back at night or during snowstorms.

With a spacious inside and various storage areas for keeping gear tucked out of the way it does have a steep price point of $1,591.00 USD.


There is nothing better than packing up the kids in the car and driving to a nice spot to relax in the outdoors. Space and comfort are key issues to address when purchasing a family sized tent.

Browning Big Horn 8-Person Tent


If you are camping with the family or headed out on a multi-day hunting trip with buddies the Big Horn has you covered. With a unique hub design setup is simple and allows more time for other camp fun or preparations. A divider can split the tent into two areas for privacy while six windows allow plenty of ventilation during the warmer months. This tent can be purchased from Cabela's for $329.99.

You really can't go wrong with any of the new tents that are hitting the market this year. Most come with great warranties and are backed by years of experience designing the best outdoor equipment.


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7 New Tents to Try on Your 2016 Camping Trips