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7 New Micro Frogs Discovered in Brazilian Rainforest [PICS]

All Photos Courtesy of Discovery News

An expedition into remote parts of the Brazilian rainforest has led to the discovery of 7 new very tiny frogs.

For the last five years a team has been exploring the very remote mountainous regions of the southern Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Their expedition paid off with the discovery of seven new species of tiny frogs called brachycephalus.

These little frogs are brightly colored with small rough ridges covering their bodies. They are only 0.4 inches in length with three toes and four fingers, instead of the normal five toes and four fingers found in most frog species.

Even though the area they live is very remote, they are very vulnerable to extinction. This is due to the very limited and very sensitive habitat these little frogs call home.


The first frog of this species was discovered in 1842 by a German naturalist named Johann Baptist von Spix. Since then, dozens more have been discovered, most in the last decade.

The researchers are very excited about their findings and plan on making more expeditions into these remote “cloud forests” to try to discover and catalog more of them.

“Although getting to many of the field sites is exhausting, there was always the feeling of anticipation about what new species could look like,” said Marcio Pie, a professor at the University Federal de Parana, who led the expedition.

You can read the full published report on their study by clicking here.

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7 New Micro Frogs Discovered in Brazilian Rainforest [PICS]