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7 New Duck Calls You Should Try This Fall [PICS]

Duck Call
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Duck season is just around the corner! Do you have your new duck call?

Duck calls aren't just another hunting accessory. Some hunters consider their calls as important as their guns.

If you've never purchased a call before, finding the right one can be a little overwhelming. You need to decide your budget, find a reputable company, consider your skill level, and figure out what really interests you. Finally, you should consider the pros and cons of the three variables used when creating duck calls: materials, color, and number of reeds.

To get you started, here's a list of seven new duck calls you should try for the fall season.

1. Duck Commander Cottonmouth Duck Call

duck calls

This acrylic, double-reed call is the loudest one made by Duck Commander.

2. Banded Calls Queen Mallard Call

duck calls

The Queen Mallard Call from Banded is constructed from wood and is available in single- and double-reed styles.

3. Buck Gardner Calls Two-Tone Duck Call


Buck Gardner's Two-Tone Duck Call is an acrylic, double-reed call available in various multi-tone colors.

4. RNT Blackout Short-Barrel Duck Call

duck calls

This acrylic short-barrel call from RNT has a single-reed construction, is easy to use, and is not too loud.

5. Zink Calls Poly ATM Duck Call

duck calls

The Poly ATM call from Zink Calls is constructed from molded polycarbonate and has a double-reed design.

6. Buck Gardner Calls Swap Meat Duck Call

duck call

Here's another one from Buck Gardner Calls. This acrylic call has a removable polycarbonate tone board and a single reed.

7. Flambeau Frostbite Duck Call

duck calls

The Flambeau Frostbite has a single-reed polycarbonate construction and is one of the less expensive calls on the market.

Now find your perfect duck call and get out there and practice!

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7 New Duck Calls You Should Try This Fall [PICS]