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7 Mouthwatering Venison Recipes

Happy deer hunting season! We know you’ve worked hard so far to land your trophy, so it’s definitely time for you to enjoy it. Looking for just the right dish for your celebratory dinner? Check out our favorite venison recipes from around the web:

1) Venison Pizza Casserole

A less common variety of venison dishes, this Pizza Casserole is super simple and tastes delicious. The recipe is great for a family or dinner party, and the low maintenance prep makes it ideal for a weeknight meal. It serves as a great way to get youngsters excited about the idea of eating venison, and may just end up as a new family favorite.


Photo via Foxworthy Outdoors

2) Venison Mushroom Stew

Mixing venison with mushrooms is a go-to strategy, since the tastes compliment each other so nicely. This recipe comes from the Delheim Wine Estate in South Africa, where fresh mushrooms are gathered from the forests surrounding the winery and served at the prestigious Delheim Garden Restaurant. There’s a little more work involved in this one, but it’s a worthy interpretation of what a great venison dish can accomplish.


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3) Herb-Crusted Venison Fillets

Venison is a versatile meat, and works well with different flavor profiles and added ingredients. That’s proven through this Herb-Crusted Fillet recipe, borrowed from the Broken Arrow Ranch. The folks who run Broken Arrow are committed to making it easy to enjoy the nutritional benefits of field harvested venison. They even go as far as to provide a toll-free hotline to help their customers with any cooking questions or issues.


Photo via TVNZ

4) Venison Meatballs

Another quick and easy recipe, these Venison Meatballs are great for large gatherings or parties. Better yet, make them for a football party, since the hunting season coincides so nicely. Keep in mind that the meatballs require ground venison, which obviously will involve some extra processing steps.


Photo via Taste of Home

5) BBQ Backstrap

There may not be a better connection than the one created when venison meets open flame. Fire up the grill for this wonderful marinaded recipe, and don’t be afraid to leave the meat slightly rare, or pink in the center. A medium-high grill will take care of backstrap in a matter of minutes, so keep a close eye and don’t overcook it.


Photo via The Backyard Pioneer

6) Pan-Seared Backstrap

This recipe stands out as a classy way to promote backstrap as a more refined and capable cut of venison than previously assumed. The blackberry sauce that accompanies it is exceptional, but relies upon the freshness and quality of its ingredients. Don’t skimp here, and your taste buds will thank you.


Photo via Gastography

7) Venison Chips

A simple fried venison dish like this one is perfect for a quick and hearty meal that anyone will enjoy. The flour mixture doesn’t specify what kind of wild game seasoning to use, but we would suggest something with a little heat, so as to compliment the meat while not overpowering it.


Photo via April’s Country Life

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7 Mouthwatering Venison Recipes