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7 Last Minute Bowhunting Gear Picks


Here are seven last minute bowhunting ideas for this year.

Haven’t started your holiday shopping yet? Me either…

There’s still time to pick up a few last minute items for the bowhunter on your list this year. And because we all know how much time you can spend browsing through stores and online pages searching for the perfect gift, I’ve narrowed down seven of the best bowhunting picks this holiday season.

1. Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks by Muddy Outdoors

muddy outdoors, climbing sticks, treestand steps
Muddy Outdoors

If you know about Muddy Outdoors, then you know that all of their products are long-lasting and extremely dependable. The Pro Climbing Sticks from Muddy Outdoors are definitely no exception.

These lightweight climbing sticks will change the way that you use a hang-on treestand. Forget about the screw-in steps and carry a set of these Pro Sticks with you on your next hunt.

Each package contains four lightweight sticks that will put you 12.5 feet off the ground when spaced 18 inches apart from one another. The quick attach rope system is sincerely one of the best in the industry and allows you to have a new stand hung in a fraction of the time.

Also, did I mention that all four of these sticks stack together to make carrying them simple?

2. Krypton Gloves by Kryptek


The weather report during bow season can be unpredictable. In times when you need a warmer glove without sacrificing trigger sensitivity, check out the Krypton Glove from Kryptek.

Designed by a tactical company who understands how crucial it is to feel your trigger in cold weather, the Krypton glove is the perfect bowhunting glove. Designed from a polyester/spandex blend, this glove keeps your hands warm, while remaining breathable during long cool weather hunts.

No need to guess where the trigger is anymore with these are rock-solid gloves from Kryptek.

3. Viper SD from Summit Treestands

Summit treestands, summit viper, viper treestand
Summit Treestands

When it comes to climbing treestands, Summit consistently outperforms themselves season after season.

The Viper SD is the newest from the Viper family of stands, which has been around for 16 years! This stand comes fully equipped with Summit’s Rapid Climb Stirrups, Dead Metal technology, and an extremely comfortable seat with backrest for all day hunts. With this treestand weighing in at just 20 pounds, you’ll be able to quickly and quietly maneuver this stand up a tree in minutes.

4. Burt Coyote’s Lumenok

Lumenock, burt coyote

Some of the best bowhunting takes place in conditions when light is at a low level. Having a Lumenok on the end of your arrow will allow you to see your shot the entire way, as well as find it on the ground.

Once activated, the Lumenok will remain illuminated for up to 40 hours, allowing plenty of time for you to locate your arrow and lead you to your game. With dozens of different hunting arrows on the market today, Lumenok has a wide array of sizes available to ensure that your arrows shoot exactly the same as they did from the factory. A perfect stocking stuffer that every bowhunter will love.

5. Double Bull Bullpen Blind

Primos, hunting blind, primos hunting blind

Sometimes there just aren’t any trees to hang a treestand in the woods and you’re forced to hunt from the ground. Fortunately, the folks at Primos have you covered with the Double Bull Bullpen Blind.

Unlike some ground blinds that make drawing back a bow almost impossible, the Bullpen blind is extremely spacious and won’t obstruct your next hunt. Don’t worry about shooting out of any tiny windows either, this blind features full 180 degree shooting windows that allow you to focus on your shot and not hitting the blind.

Stay out of the elements, remain comfortable and have a clear shot opportunity by using this blind next season.

7. Rage SC Broadhead

Rage broadheads, broadheads, mechanical broadhead
Rage Broadheads

The Rage SC Broadhead is the newest 2 blade mechanical hunting tip from Rage. Equipped with a devastating 2-inch cutting diameter, the SC broadhead flies like a field tip and hits like a bulldozer.

Designed from .035” stainless steel, the blades on the SC won’t bend or flex like some other broadheads do under pressure, and will always remain razor sharp. Best of all, when you buy a pack of Rage SCs, you receive a practice head so that you won’t ruin any of your brand new broadheads on targets.

7. Rinehart Field Target

Rinehart targets
Rinehart 3D

A perfect gift for any bowhunter looking to sharpen their yardage estimation is the Field Target by Rinehart. Weighing only a couple of pounds, this target can be easily thrown to new distances shot after shot and will always land upright because it’s balanced by sand.

With a 9-inch diameter, this target is great to throw into a duffle bag and take with you on your next hunting trip to make sure that your bow is in the bullseye. If you’re looking for a well constructed portable archery target, look no further.

Hopefully this list of bowhunting ideas will help you get ahead shopping for the hunter in your family this year. Remember, there’s really never a bad gift when it comes to buying something for a hunter.

Happy shopping and have a very happy holiday season everyone!


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7 Last Minute Bowhunting Gear Picks