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7 Instagram Accounts Celebrating the Great Outdoors [PICS]

You will want to pack your bags and take off after seeing these outstanding outdoor Instagram accounts.

These outdoor Instagram accounts really do celebrate the great outdoors. From around the country to around the globe, you will see amazing professional and amateur photographs that capture the remarkable facets of the planet we call home.


wilderness culture

Wilderness Culture is “inspiring adventure through visual imagery.”

Instead of only one photograph posting theses photos to Instagram, the Wilderness Culture is composed of a collaboration of images from around Instagram.

Wilderness Culture will awaken your passion for the great outdoors and you can then post your own photos using #wildernessculture.


forest woodward
Facebook/Forest Woodward

Forest Woodward is a climber, surfer, and professional photographer out of Brooklyn. His objective is to travel the world on a grand adventure, and to bring you with him.



GoPro is an innovative camera allowing you to capture action packed shots you’d never get with a regular camera. “Wear it. Mount it. Love it.”

You can find amazing pictures and videos from around the world of landscapes, wildlife, and human adventures on their Instagram page littered with testaments of the amazing widespread outdoors.


Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset
A Restless Transplant

Foster Huntington did what most of us would love to do; he quit his job to travel the country in his van.

He started #vanlife and posted his journey to his Instagram account so even though most of us haven’t done what he did, we can still feel like part of the adventure.

Now that Huntington has ended most of his traveling days, he has built his own treehouse to live in.


cabin love

Cabin Love is a great Instagram account for desiring that dream home you’ve always wanted. This account brings you photos of rustic cabins secluded into trees and forests.

Warning: Scanning this account will make you want a cabin in the woods.


chris burkard

Chris Burkard takes shots from anywhere from the Grand Canyon to the unknown capturing amazing colors in his photos.

Sometimes, when Burkard posts a photo, he leaves the location out. He says he doesn’t want viewers to be limited by the location. The best places to visit are the ones you have to work for, the ones that are not a point on your GPS.



The US Department of the Interior is “protecting America’s great outdoors and powering our future.”

It has its own official outdoor Instagram account where it captures feature shots of the national parks all across the United States. You may find yourself wanting to take your own cross-country trip visiting as many parks as you can after you browse this account.

There’s no doubt, you are going to want to head out on your own outdoor adventure after perusing theses outdoor Instagram accounts. When you do get out there, capture, hashtag, and post your own quest shots on Instagram so others can be inspired just like you were.

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7 Instagram Accounts Celebrating the Great Outdoors [PICS]