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7 Hunting Technology Trends You Should Follow [PICS]

Here are seven hunting technology trends to keep an eye on in the near future.

Image via The Firearm Blog
Image via The Firearm Blog

Some hunters prefer the no-frills approach to hunting: It's a time reconnect with nature and get back to the simplicity of what the sport is all about. But in the modern age, many hunters are starting to use more and more technology.

Whether it's a hunting app on a smartphone or a high-tech optics device on a rifle, modern hunting technology is starting work its way into the sport. Here are seven technological trends in the hunting industry that are worth keeping an eye on in the near future.

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Improved Trail Cameras

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Digital trail cameras are among the most popular tech products in hunters' arsenals. Trail cameras provide hunters with useful valuable information about the behavior of the animals they're tracking. The hunting world is right on the cusp of seeing trail cameras that can stream photos and video content from the field to computers and smart devices. Also expect to see improvements in night vision capabilities.

Improved Scent Control

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While you may not associate scent with modern technology, scent control is one of the most rapidly growing tech trends in the hunting industry. There are already several scent control hunting products, including gear, apparel and sprays available on the market. Be on the lookout for more effective sprays and clothing as fiber and chemical technology advances in the coming years.

Better GPS Units

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GPS units are a part of everyday life in modern society. They are found in mobile devices, computers, cars, trucks, boats and a host of other connected devices. In terms of hunting technology, expect to see 3D detailed maps for navigating the woods and field. Google is currently developing a smartphone that can create 3D maps of the user's surroundings. We're interested to find out how that technology will translate to hunters.

Advanced Bow Technology

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Once considered a primitive weapon, hunting bows have become modernized state-of-the-art weapons. Every year, bow makers push the boundaries of their technology. In the coming years, bow companies will continue to push the boundaries of feet-per-second rates and create more and more accurate bows. Expect to see more features in less expensive packages.

Intelligent Optics

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Optics for shotgun sights, rifle scopes, along with binoculars and rangefinders are already making huge leaps forward in their technology. State-of-the-art optics can already tell us how far a target is, and with technology like Tracking Point's Precision Guided Firearms, shooters can tag and track a moving target up to 1,200 yards away.

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Better Digital Game Calls

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In recent years, mobile app developers have created smartphone programs that serve as soundboards for a wide variety of game calls. These apps are convenient and cost effective, but most hunters find them to be pale imitations of box call and mouth call standards. Expect to hear improvements in digital game calls as speaker technology improves.

Mobile Applications and Smart Devices

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As far as hunting-related tech trends are concerned, there is no bigger wildcard than the mobile frontier. Smart phone and tablet technology has reached a point where almost anything is possible. Mobile developers are releasing new hunting apps every month. Keep a constant eye on the app market for new programs designed to enrich the hunting experience. The technology world right is fixated on wearable technology, like the forthcoming Google Glass (pictured) and Apple's rumored iWatch. Both gadgets could provide some interesting possibilities for the hunting world, but we'll have to wait to get our hands on them before we know how.

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7 Hunting Technology Trends You Should Follow [PICS]