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7 Hunting Gifts to Ask Your Rich Uncle For

Most of us have that rich uncle who goes above and beyond for the holidays. Here are 7 over-the-top expensive hunting gifts to ask for this year. 

If you don’t have a Daddy Warbucks in your family then this list is really just to salivate over. If you do have that one rich guy in the family, consider asking for one of these hunting gifts.

1. Safari Hunting Trip

Every hunter’s dream has been to go to Africa to hunt game on a safari. If you haven’t already been to the African continent, consider asking for a South African Dangerous Game Package from African Sky Hunting. Their packages are steep in price but you definitely get what you, your rich uncle I mean, pay for.

A 21-day hunt for lions and buffalo is a hefty $78, 675 but is all-inclusive; flight, meals and six trophy animals.

African Sky Hunting

2. Sitka Parka

The Sitka brand has notoriously high prices but man, is it quality gear. The new Blizzard Parka is the warmest parka in the Sitka line. It is Gore-Tex and Primaloft to keep you dry and warm. It is practically a “walking sleeping bag” at a hefty $699.

But Uncle Rich can afford it, right?


3. Vortex Razor HD Riflescope

Don’t you sometimes wish you could really see that Bighorn sheep up on that ridge in high definition, literally seeing the light glint off its hair? I think it is time for a new riflescope. One that is $1, 999.99, of course.

The Vortex Razor has an APO Objective Lens System that corrects color, so you really are seeing the animal for what it truly looks like. This is an amazing scope and it is definitely worth its price. It has a lifetime warrantee so you can tell your uncle it can be a family heirloom passed down to your kids.


4. Steiner 10x50mm Military Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

Maybe you don’t need a riflescope and just want some binoculars instead. Scout in style with these digital binoculars for $3, 449.99. Tell Uncle Rich that they are on sale for the holidays for $2, 999.99 and if he is a Cabela’s member they are $2, 699.99! Sell this one hard, he might go for the deal.


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5. A Hunting Weekend at Three Forks Hunting Lodge

Three Forks Lodge is a scenic lodge on the border of Colorado and Wyoming. It is a luxury resort on a huge ranch with a myriad of activities on top of hunting. You can snowmobile, ski, fly fish, hunt elk, then make it to your massage. After that, have a fantastic dinner and a famous Three Forks Ranch chocolate cookie.

You obviously need to stay in the master suite for $845 a night to have a private jacuzzi hot tub and fire place to relax in front of after you get a trophy elk.

Three Forks Ranch


6. The Trophy Tower Crossover Hunting Blind

You can finally retire your homemade pile of sticks or your pop-up tent hunting blinds. If you ask for this 5X5 Trophy Tower, it may just be your new apartment, you won’t be coming home as much. At $2, 499.99 it has a fiberglass exterior, a submarine-style door to aid in scent protection and tinted, tempered windows.

You can even invite Uncle Rich into your stand because it can fit two to three people.


7. Tracking Point Precision Guided 33M LM

Are you ready for the future? If Uncle Rich delivers, you can start falling game at .75 miles away with an advanced tracking system. The Tracking Point Precision uses a Heads Up Display to make hunting much easier displaying range-to-target data, target velocity, shot angle, compass heading, gun cant, battery status, WiFi status, wind velocity and direction, kill zone size, ammunition type, temperature, barometric pressure, and time of day. No big deal.

It’s priced at $27, 500 but that’s pocket change for the big guy and he’ll definitely one-up everyone in your family for his entire life.

The Gun Writer

Hopefully come Christmas morning you will be unwrapping one of these extravagant gifts under your tree. But if not, we can always dream big.

Maybe there is some un-known rich family member somewhere out in the world that is leaving you a considerable inheritance.

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7 Hunting Gifts to Ask Your Rich Uncle For