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8 Hot Drink Recipes for After Your Outdoor Adventures

Nothing warms you up faster than a hot drink, that's maybe alcoholic. 

When you come in from your freezing treestand, ice fishing hole or backcountry hike make one of these hot drinks that will warm you up from head to toe and give you a good night's sleep.

1. German Mulled Wine 


2. Bacon, Bourbon and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Serious Eats

3. Riesling Hot Toddy

Serious Eats

4. Spiced Apple Cider

A Beautiful Mess

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5. Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate



6. The Herbaliser (my favorite because it has elderflower liqueur!)

Serious Eats

7. Irish Coffee

Irish Central

8. Tequila Mint Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate
Serious Eats

So the next time you go out hunting, fishing or on another outdoor adventure, reward yourself for spending time out in the cold with one (or more) of these hot drink recipes.

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8 Hot Drink Recipes for After Your Outdoor Adventures