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7 Gifts for the Georgia Hunter [PICS]

Do you have a hard to please Georgia hunter on your gift list?


Whether your hunter loves chasing deer, dove, or ducks (or all of the above and then some) this list is sure to satisfy. These 7 gifts for the Georgia hunter are precisely what the doctor ordered.

View the slideshow to see seven top gifts for the Georgia hunter.

1. Thermacell


There isn’t a hunter in the world, much less Georgia, who wants to battle a swarm of mosquitoes while in the woods. That’s where Thermacell comes in. Hands down this is the best method for warding off unwanted blood suckers without warding off trophy bucks. Place this little gem in the hands of your hunter and you are sure to get high five. Pick up one, or several, from your local sporting goods store or from Amazon. Don’t forget extra refills!

2. Don’s Seasoning Delight

Don’s Seasoning Delight

Every hunter has their “go to” marinade, seasoning, or rub they use to kick things up in the kitchen. The Georgia hunter certainly needs Don’s Seasoning Delight stashed away. Don’s is suitable for nearly all kinds of meat and turns even rookie chefs into crowd favorites. Don has won awards for his products and is himself a Georgia boy. Go ahead and give Don’s a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Quail Hunting Vest

LL Bean

Georgia is well known for its quail hunting plantations. Buying your hunter a blaze orange quail hunting vest works on multiple levels. First, it shows that you have every intention of keeping your friends and family safe. No hunter should ever minimize safety. Second, it shows that you have confidence in their hunting skills since the majority of vests serve as a means of storing shot birds. This one from LL Bean does the job nicely without breaking the bank and is backed by their lifetime guarantee.

4. Wood Duck Decoys

Bass Pro Shops

Arkansas is know the world over for it’s bounty of ducks and sporting opportunities to waterfowl hunters. But don’t let that fool you, Georgia has plenty to offer waterfowlers, too. Wood duck hunting, for example, in the Peach State does not disappoint. Wood duck drakes are considered by many to be the most beautiful birds in North America and they are affluent in Georgia swamps, lakes, rivers, and other waterways. Seasoned duck hunters know that a small spread of wood duck decoys is more than adequate. So rather than going for quantity, make quality a top priority when buying wood duck decoys. If you are looking to spoil your wood duck hunter with a great gift, opt for the Avian-X Topflight Wood Ducks. These decoys pack a punch.

5. Snake Proof Boots

Georgia Boot

Reptiles thrive in warm climates, including venomous snakes. This makes Georgia hunters particularly prone to snake bites. Thus the need for a quality pair of snake proof boots. Might I suggest the Georgia Athens Waterproof Snake Boot from Georgia Boot. The name pretty much says it all. These bad boys keep your lower extremities safe from venomous fangs plus provide a water barrier. Snake proof, water proof, and comfortable – doesn’t get much better. Since they are made by Rocky you can bank on their quality and workmanship, too.

6. Lifetime Hunting License

Georgia Wildlife

If you have a hunter on your list that seems to have all the gear, camo, and accessories she needs then you may want to consider buying her a Lifetime Hunting License. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. You are sending your hunter a message that says, “I value the time you spend in the woods and I want to make it possible for you to hunt for the rest of your life.” This is an especially perfect gift for future hunters. Buying a Lifetime Hunting License for children and youth offers a big discount while simultaneously saving the hunter thousands of dollars over their lifetime. Learn more and purchase online here.

7. Hunting Destination

Wingate’s Lodge

Ready to pull out the big guns? Send your hunter on a hunting destination to one of Georgia’s numerous coveted locales. There are none better than Georgia’s best kept sportsmen’s secret: Lake Seminole. The reservoir features well of 37,000 acres of water and over 300 miles of shoreline. Lake Seminole plays host to numerous fishing tournaments, including Bassmaster tournaments. Even better for hunters, Lake Seminole boasts one of the nations few hotbeds for canvasback ducks. Whether your hunter is after ducks, deer, alligator, and almost everything in between, it can be found at Lake Seminole. Send them packing for an extended stay at Wingate’s Lodge. The prices are unbeatable with accommodations ranging from log cabins to RV hookups.

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7 Gifts for the Georgia Hunter [PICS]