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7 Food Plot Seeds You Need to Try This Spring

It may seem strange to think about food plot seed mixes in January, but spring will come faster than you think.

And with spring comes an almost endless list of tasks to get done around your farm or the land you manage. Take some time now to plan out which food plot seeds you will plant for this year's up-and-coming deer herd. That way, you'll be that much more prepared for everything that follows. Including sitting in a stand overlooking a lush and nutritious food plot.

These seven food plot seed options are solid choices that should do well across a range of conditions, and across most of the country.

1. Frigid Forage Plow Down Clover

food plot seed

The first two on the list are actually a "one-two" punch to Mother Nature. These two offerings from Frigid Forage complement each other very effectively. Plow Down consists of fast-growing food plot seeds (annual and bi-annual clovers) that can be planted in the spring.

The plot provides nutritious and protein-packed clover forage for deer over the summer, and also helps suppress weeds on your plot. When late summer comes, you can plow the clover into the soil, which will provide a green manure to jump-start your fall hunting plot.

2. Frigid Forage Big-n-Beasty

food plot seed

After you plow the clover blends of Frigid Forage Plow Down into the soil, nitrogen will be released and it will be primed for a hunting plot. Big-n-Beasty contains food plot seed options such as beets, turnips, forage rapes, and radishes that will all benefit from the freely available nitrogen.

Planted in late summer, Big-n-Beasty will develop tons (literally) of leafy green tops that get sweeter with a frost. Deer will also paw the turnips out of the frozen ground after all the leaves have died.

3. Evolved Harvest Throw & Grow

food plot seed
Evolved Harvest

Throw & Grow really does live up to its name, which makes it perfect for that hard-to-reach spot you've been thinking about. Simply clear as much of the vegetation as you can to expose the soil surface in a spot that receives at least a half-day of sunlight. Broadcast the food plot seeds and hope for rain!

With high protein and sugar ryegrass, clover, and brassicas, Throw & Grow will attract deer to your new hidey hole plot in no time.

4. Whitetail Institute Imperial Whitetail Clover

food plot seed
Whitetail Institute

As far as food plot seeds go, Imperial Whitetail Clover is a very solid choice for several reasons. It contains genetically developed, high-protein (35%) clover varieties that are cold tolerant, and heat, drought, and disease resistant. Once planted, a plot will last for up to five years with only mowing maintenance and light fertilizer application each year.

5. BioLogic BioMass

food plot seed

BioMass is a blend of food plot seeds, including peas, beans, sunflowers, and grain sorghum. It can be planted in spring or summer, but is generally best on plots of an acre or more.

It grows fast and provides nutritious forage during the long summer months. In addition, it will benefit not only deer, but turkeys and upland game birds as well. It's best to tackle a few problems with one solution!

6. Antler King Mini-Max

food plot seed
Antler King

Another minimum till option, the Mini-Max food plot seed blend consists of ryegrass, rapeseed, and four varieties of clover. This blend also performs well on shady sites with low pH levels. The plot will last for three to five years, and is drought-resistant as well.

7. Cabela's Destination

food plot seed

Cabela's Destination food plot seeds are a blend of drought-resistant and cold tolerant clover and alfalfa. As a perennial plot, Destination should last three to five years with light maintenance. And with a name like "Destination" to back it up, you know it will bring the deer into your plot.

Happy food plotting this spring!

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7 Food Plot Seeds You Need to Try This Spring