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7 Fly Fishing Blogs That Will Give You Your Fix

If fly fishing blogs are what you're after, check these out.

Photo via The Fiberglass Manifesto
Photo via The Fiberglass Manifesto

It's quite possible that we're living the golden age for fly fishing, not because fish have become naturally more predisposed to bite our hooks or because fly fishing gear has really evolved that much over the years with technology, but because there is a huge amount of content about our sport to be found online.

Sure, this is sort of true for any outdoor sport - from fly fishing to ice fishing to hunting - but there's something to be said for the way that many passionate anglers are now sharing the wealth of their fly fishing knowledge via frequently updated blogs.

Whether you need to learn how to tie a pattern, which flies are best for which scenarios, or simply what is going on in the fishing world, you can find all of the information you need online. Of course, there's still a certain charm to print sources - books and magazines have their place in many a fly angler's personal library - but if you are looking for quick updates or answers to your fly fishing questions, the blogosphere is the place to look.

View the slideshow to see the seven fishing blogs that should absolutely be on your Internet reading list.

Trout Underground

Photo via Trout Underground

Frequently updated and boasting an attractive and easy to navigate design, Trout Underground has rightfully earned its place on virtually every list of "best fly fishing blogs." With 357 pages dating back April 2006, Trout Underground has definitely proven itself in longevity and frequency of posts, which are often the measure of success in the blogosphere. The other obvious benchmark for judging a blog - the quality of its content - is also cleared by Trout Underground with flying colors. The blog covers a wide range of topics under the fly fishing umbrella with unique and informative writing. In addition, Trout Underground's trademark - the site's "Weekly Shortcasts" - provide a list of links to other blogs and are the perfect way to keep up with the biggest stories in the fly fishing world without having to look around too much.

The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing

Photo via The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing

Admittedly, The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing won't have universal appeal in the fly fishing community. However, the simple fact that this blog lands at the top of the page when you do a Google search for "fly fishing blog" almost singlehandedly earns it a spot on this list. Any blog ranking that high is clearly doing something right. In the case of the Caddis Fly, that "something right" is near-daily posts of detailed, long-form content that will be a feast of information for any fly angler who resides anywhere near the west coast.

The blog also beats Trout Underground in one very key department: photos. While Trout Underground doesn't have a big focus on visuals, the Oregon Fly Fishing blog offers a feast of stunning photographs - of flies, fishing trips, fish, and what have you. Don't be surprised if you find yourself visiting this blog simply to marvel at the A-class fishing photography.

The Orvis Fly Fishing Blog

Photo via The Orvis Fly Fishing Blog

Orvis is arguably the most notable outfitter in the entire fly fishing world, offering everything from clothing to fly rods and reels to flies or fly tying materials.

However, Orvis also maintains a blog built to deliver the best and most up to date fly fishing news on the Internet. From analytical pieces about specific fish species to thoughtful essays about the life lessons that fly fishing has to teach, the The Orvis Fly Fishing Blog is certainly a treat to read, but it should on your reading list simply because there aren't many entities out there that are more tapped into the fly fishing sphere than the guys at Orvis.

The Moldy Chum

Photo via The Moldy Chum

Widely considered to be one of the most essential fishing blogs on the web, Photo via The Moldy Chum is a notable reading list staple for numerous reasons.

First of all, these guys know that blogging is all about staying on top of content and becoming something that anglers want to read daily. The Moldy Chum, perhaps more than any other fly fishing blog out there, keeps the posts coming, with an average content rate of three or five posts a day - even during the winter when most of us aren't seeing a lot of fishing action. Secondly, the Moldy Chum is damn funny, a fact probably given away by the blog's name an its catchphrase, "served fresh daily."

That doesn't mean the blog can't provide serious and informative content, but expect a few chuckles when reading the Moldy Chum every day.

Photo via

We're not sure if would be considered a blog or a full-fledged website - or even where the line between the two might lie - but we know that Midcurrent is one of the biggest collections of fly fishing knowledge on the web. From reviews of fly fishing gear and books to expert guest posts, Midcurrent is a Mecca for a passionate fly angler.

Just take one look at this crowded website; you'll know what we mean.

The Fiberglass Manifesto

Photo via The Fiberglass Manifesto

With nearly 6,000 "likes" on Facebook, the The Fiberglass Manifesto is certainly one of the more well established fly fishing blogs out there. As you will learn from the blog's "About" section, the Fiberglass Manifesto was founded as a means of promoting and gushing about the niche marketplace of fiberglass fly rods. In other words, you will get the most out of this blog if you share blog-runner Cameron Mortenson's passion for fishing with glass. However, even if you have never used a glass rod in your life, there's plenty to enjoy here, from daily posts to killer giveaways.

Field & Stream Fly Fishing Blog

Photo via Field & Stream Fly Fishing Blog

Let's be honest, Field & Stream's Blogs would be on virtually any variety of "best blogs" list for outdoor sports. Hunting content? Check. Ice fishing content? Check. Fly fishing content? You bet. Post frequencies can vary, with the average probably being about one new blog a day, but the content is well written, informative, unique, and always worth reading.

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