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7 Fishing Stereotypes Busted Once and for All

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These fishing stereotypes are just not true. We’ll prove them wrong one by one.

Fishing stereotypes are everywhere. For most non-fishermen, certain images come to mind when the word “fishing” is brought up, and many of them are based on movies and pop culture. Let’s bust those myths right here, right now.

1. Fishing is All Luck

We’ll start with the worst of all fishing stereotypes. Yes, luck can definitely factor into catching a big fish or finding the right spot, but more often than not, fishing takes skill. Finding fish, adjusting to conditions and knowing when to change takes more than a lucky guess.

2. It’s a Country Thing

fishing stereotypes, fisherman stereotypes, fishing

While some of the best fishing in the world happens in places far from the big city, that doesn’t mean it has to be there. The passion for fishing can appear in anyone, no matter where they reside. Also, there are some excellent fishing areas right within the city limits of some of the biggest metropolitan areas. Good fishing can be found anywhere there is water, and a passionate angler can just as easily come from New York City as from somewhere far removed from the big city life. Urban fishing is also becoming very popular.

3. Fishing is Boring

Maybe not catching anything could be seen as boring for someone who is not a true fisherman, but those who enjoy the challenge of getting the next bite and enjoying the outdoors would never use “boring” to describe the experience.

4. All We Do is Drink Beer

fishing stereotypes, bass fishing, fishing, beer

Most fishermen love fishing and drinking beer, but that doesn’t mean we always have to do them both at the same time. When you are serious about fishing, you might choose not to mix your beer with fishing and instead save that for when you get back on dry land.

5. We Eat Lots of Fish

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There’s nothing better than eating a freshly caught fish. But some of us practice catch and release far more often than we take fish home for the table. If we all kept everything we caught to eat, we would be eating fish for every meal.

6. We Sit All Day

fishing stereotypes, fishing, bank fishing

This may be true if you are still fishing while sitting on the bank. Bass fishing, fly fishing and many other types of fishing are nothing but sedentary. Cast after cast, for hours at a time, is actually a pretty good workout. If you take fighting fish and moving from spot to spot into account, you will see why we get tired after a long day on the water.

7. The Biggest of All Fishing Stereotypes: Fishermen All Lie

We got nothing here. This stereotype may be true, after all. Otherwise, fish stories and “the one that got away” would not be part of our everyday language.

This quote sums it up just right:

“…of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy.” ~William Sherwood Fox, Silken Lines and Silver Hooks, 1954


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7 Fishing Stereotypes Busted Once and for All