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7 More Facts to Share with Anti-Hunters [PICS]

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Learn seven more facts to share with anti-hunters.

Hunting season is rolling around, and it’s time to get your facts in line for any anti-hunters attempting to insult hunting, or just simply learn more why hunting is great for the environment and the economy.

Hunting is a very good thing, and here are seven more reasons why.

1. The average hunter spends $1,638 every year on hunting.

According to CNS News, there are 13.7 million hunters in the United States. So if we crunch the numbers, hunters as a whole are spending roughly $22 billion dollars a year.

2. The shooting sports, ammunition, and hunting equipment industries employ as many as 128,794 people.

jobs related to the industry

These jobs also generate an additional 133,850 jobs in supplier and ancillary industries. All these jobs are created by simply having a strong hunting community.

These jobs are also well paying, averaging $52,220 in wages and benefits. Long story short, outdoorsman employ 262,644 jobs directly related to the industry. However, other statistics state hunters support 680,000 jobs.

When’s the last time an animal activist group employed that many individuals with well paying jobs?

3. Deer collisions kill 200 people a year.

dnr officer
PA Game Commission

Hunting in the United States is highly regulated to maintain healthy populations. If hunting was banned, could you imagine what the fatality rate of deer collisions would rise to?

4. Hunters are the first to foot the bill.

In 1937, hunters requested an 11% tax on guns, ammo, bows, and arrows to help fund conservation.

Since then, the tax has raised over $8 billion for wildlife conservation. The world we live in could be vastly different if it weren’t for conservation efforts pushed by outdoor enthusiast.

ammunition store

5. Through taxation and fees, hunters fund wildlife law enforcement, habitat, and research.

Many wouldn’t argue that hunters are what keeps many state parks and research centers open.

6. Hunting allows for fresh organic, non-GMO, steroid-free, free range, renewable, and protein-packed meals.


If you’re catching hell from someone who is against hunting but enjoys a good hamburger, it might seem a little hypocritical.

Venison is completely natural and is packed with healthy nutrients. In my opinion, the quality of life a wild whitetail deer is much greater than a cow who goes through a slaughterhouse.

7. It’s in our DNA.

Some state that hunting is in our DNA, but understanding the food on our plate is in the “history, heritage, and traditions ” within all of us.

Somewhere down the family tree, your ancestors survived on the practice of  hunting. If the argument is that, we as a civilization have outgrown the need to hunt, I would state that there is so much more to hunting than merely harvesting an animal.

At least hunters know where their food is coming from, unlike everyone else who purchases it at the grocery store.

cva muzzleloading
CVA Muzzleloading

Being educated about hunting is important to not only learn more about your hobby, but also inform others who aren’t aware of the various facts regarding hunting.

It’s clear through hunters, many conservation efforts are made possible along with hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Now that you’ve learned a few more facts about hunting, be sure to share them with a few anti-hunters you know and enlighten them about the great things hunting creates.

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7 More Facts to Share with Anti-Hunters [PICS]